Ex-Speaker KN Rai Victim of Savage Assault in Melli, South Sikkim ; SDF demands President’s Rule

Ex-Speaker KN Rai Victim of Savage Assault in Melli, South Sikkim ; SDF demands President's Rule
Ex-Speaker KN Rai Victim of Savage Assault in Melli, South Sikkim ; SDF demands President's Rule
Ex-Speaker KN Rai Victim of Savage Assault in Melli, South Sikkim ; SDF demands President’s Rule

Namchi, 01 March : Former Speaker KN Rai was subjected to a vicious attack in broad daylight around 2:30 PM in Melli, South Sikkim, by unidentified assailants. Rai, who currently serves as the Vice President and Spokesperson of the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF), fell victim to this brutal assault. During the attack  Dr. Shiva Kumar Sharma also sustained severe injuries. The incident unfolded at Mazigaon in Melli, as revealed during a press conference held by the SDF at their headquarters in Tadong, chaired by MN Dahal.

The SDF has decried the attack as a heinous act, pointing fingers at the ruling Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) Party for orchestrating it through paid thugs.

They assert that such assaults on their party members and supporters have become distressingly frequent since the SKM assumed power, creating a climate of fear that impedes the free movement of SDF leaders.

MN Dahal, has called for immediate Presidential intervention, citing the need for security ahead of the upcoming general elections. Furthermore, he demanded the resignation of Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang (Golay), holding him morally accountable for the incident.

In response, Chief Minister Tamang expressed his dismay over the attack, condemning it as an affront to the peace and harmony of the state. He assured swift and decisive action against the perpetrators, emphasizing the state’s commitment to justice and tranquility. Through his official Facebook page, he called upon all citizens to reject violence and uphold the values of peace and unity.

Soreng-Chakung MLA Aditya Golay Writes in his Facebook page , ‘I condemn and denounce the act of voilence on former SLA Speaker KN Rai Sir. The culprits will definitely be punished as per the law of the land. Violence is never the answer to anything and I request each and everyone (including all political parties in this time of election) to refrain from the same. I request the Police Department to investigate thoroughly and arrest the culprits as soon as possible’.

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha Party has expressed sorrow over the attack that occurred in Melli today and has wished Rai’s speedy recovery. In release SKM writes, such heinous acts perpetrated by elements in society must be met with the strictest punishment by law enforcement, the party demands. Sikkim Krantikari Morcha party is committed to building a peaceful and secure Sikkim, law enforcement agency should swiftly apprehend such anti-social elements and ensure legal repercussions, the party urges law enforcement.

Sikkim BJP President, Shri. DR Thapa, strongly denounces the recent assault on Former SLA Speaker, Shri K. N Rai, and Dr. Shiva Kumar Timshina. In a modern society striving for progress, such violent acts are unacceptable, with knowledge being paramount in the 21st Century. We call upon the authorities to promptly apprehend those responsible. Our thoughts are with Shri K. N Rai and Dr. Shiva Kumar Timshina, wishing them a speedy recovery.

Ganesh Rai, the Convener of the Citizen Action Party (CAP), has strongly denounced the assault on Senior Politician KN Rai in Melli today. Expressing anguish over the incident, Rai writes, “I am deeply troubled by the vicious attack on Shri KN Rai, former Speaker, and his companions at Mazi goan, Melli. I condemn this cowardly act and call upon every citizen of Sikkim to speak out against such atrocities.” He emphasizes the need for a thorough investigation by the Sikkim police and urges them to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Dr. PD Bhutia of Neotia Siliguri Hospital briefs media about the health condition of Mr. KN Rai

Political Secretary to CM, Jacob Khaling reacts to incident

Jacob Khaling, the Political Secretary to the Chief Minister
Jacob Khaling, the Political Secretary to the Chief Minister

The police administration should swiftly apprehend those responsible for attacking Mr. KN Rai. If they fail to do so within 24 hours, I will definitely resign from my position.
Given the recent attack on KN Rai, I find it morally untenable to remain in my current position if our law enforcement fails to apprehend the perpetrators. Today, I am profoundly saddened; this goes against the very essence of politics.
My dedication to non-violent politics remains unwavering, and I am inclined to distance myself from any form of violent political engagement, which I vehemently oppose.
At this painful juncture, despite allegations from aggrieved SDF supporters implicating both myself and the SKM party, I vehemently deny any involvement.
If a thorough and impartial investigation reveals any connection to this atrocious act, regardless of affiliations, the perpetrators must face legal consequences.
KN Rai holds an esteemed place in my life, and my history of support for the SDF is a testament to that. I will not hesitate to ensure that whoever committed this cowardly act faces punishment.

Minister Samdup Lepcha appeal for peace appeal following the incident of brutal attack on former Speaker KN Rai

Minister Samdup Lepcha appeal for peace appeal following the incident of brutal attack on former Speaker KN Rai
Minister Samdup Lepcha appeal for peace appeal following the incident of brutal attack on former Speaker KN Rai

Distressed to see the news about the heinous assault on the former speaker Shri K.N Rai in Melli today. My heart is filled with pain and anger and I strongly condemn it.
A thorough investigation is currently underway and I will ensure and demand strict action against all the perpetrators. As our state approaches election season with the harmonised general elections due to be held on March 2024 this year.
I wish to reiterate our Government’s zero tolerance to politically motivated violence and appeal to all to maintain peace I personally implore everyone to contribute to lasting peace and development. Violence is completely unacceptable in any form. Having free and fair elections is essential to our state’s long-term stability and growth thus no one is allowed to tamper with the prevailing peace. No country thrives on chaos. We should maintain peace and calm and make sure that everyone’s right to a regular, peaceful election is respected and that the SKM Government will never allow the present peace, unity and stability in the state to be tainted for the political expediency of a few rogue pseudo politicians.
I would like to express my deepest sympathy to Shri K.N Rai a respected senior politician of the state and other members who were part of this appalling event. My thoughts and prayers for your speedy recovery. On behalf of our entire team, please accept our deepest sympathies.
Minister-Samdup Lepcha
31:Lachen-Mangan Constituency.

SDF supporters orchestrated a significant gathering outside Melli police station, vehemently demanding the apprehension of assailants responsible for the brutal assault on Senior Leader KN Rai and others within Melli police’s jurisdiction, occurring in broad daylight. Later in the evening, after deliberations with law enforcement officials, former Minister Tshering Wangdi Lepcha addressed the agitated throng, urging them to disperse. This came subsequent to the police’s identification of the abandoned Xylo vehicle implicated in the crime, with assurances of booking the culprits’ by Saturday evening. In response to Lepcha’s plea, the crowd dispersed, carrying the assurance that the perpetrators would be brought to justice by Saturday, 3 PM.