Tourism Department Addresses CP-GRAMS Concerns

Tourism Department Addresses CP-GRAMS Concerns
Tourism Department Addresses CP-GRAMS Concerns
Tourism Department Addresses CP-GRAMS Concerns

Gangtok, May 20(IPR): A meeting was chaired by Principal Secretary, Tourism And Civil Aviation Department Mr C.S Rao to discuss and highlight the complaint received from CP- GRAMS (Centralised Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System), today
In his address, Principal Secretary, Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Mr. C.S. Rao, stated that the meeting primarily focused on the need to monitor and prevent the overcharging of fares for tourists visiting the state. He emphasised the importance of strengthening the department’s grievance cell and releasing helpline numbers for immediate assistance and issue resolution.
Mr. Rao also highlighted the need for Tourism Department to review the rates charged by tour operators and travel agencies. He ensured that the rate charts should be strictly followed, and urged tour and travel companies to avoid overpricing their services for tourists visiting the state.
Furthermore, he emphasised the importance travelling with registered tour operators sanctioned by the government for their travels, ensuring adherence to safety standards and quality service before making travel arrangements.
Principal Chief Engineer, Mr Neeraj Pradhan , In his address, highlighted the department’s initiative to establish a redressal cell at Nathula, serving as a facilitation centre which will be operated by the department. He also highlighted the ongoing efforts of the engineering cell to implement projects aimed at ensuring the safety of tourists and enhancing their overall experience in the state
Additional Secretary, Ms Bandana Chettri, During her address, emphasised the importance of utilising the department’s official website to avoid any inconvenience. Additionally, she urged the tourists to book tours exclusively through registered travel agencies and to verify the authenticity of these agencies, they can visit
In his address, Mr. Sonam Rinchen Bhutia, Deputy Director, Permit Cell, advised tourists to obtain permits through local travel agencies at least one day in advance to avoid inconvenience. He also emphasised the importance of acclimatising to higher altitudes and proceeding only with a valid permit.
Additionally, representatives from the concerned authority emphasised the importance for all relevant agencies to adhere to the rules and regulations to prevent inconvenience to tourists. They stressed the need to prioritise tourist safety and ensure that services provided benefit them, while avoiding overpricing, to ensure that tourists have a seamless experience during their visit.
Also present were Principal Chief Engineer,
Mr Neeraj Pradhan, Additional Secretary, Ms Bandana Chettri, Deputy Secretary, Ms Chunkula Bhutia, Deputy Director Permit Cell, Mr Sonam Rinchen Bhutia along with stakeholder representatives:
President TAAS: Mr. Sonam Norgay Lachungpa.
General Secretary TAAS: Mr. Ramesh Basnett.
President ASTHA: Mr. Suman Chettri
President ASHWA: Mr. Narayan Dawari
President SUTO: Mr. Ganesh Shivakoty.
President STGA: Mr. Jigmee Yonzon
President Drivers Association. JN road axis
Vice president TAAS, Ms Yangchen T Lepcha.