Police Picks Up Lady Following Derogatory Facebook Post

Police Picks Up Lady Following Derogatory Facebook Post
Police Picks Up Lady Following Derogatory Facebook Post
Police Picks Up Lady Following Derogatory Facebook Post

Monika, a native of Namchi who goes by the name Newarni Monika on Facebook, was taken into custody on June 27 by the Sadar Police in Gangtok. The arrest follows claims that Monika released a dance video on social media with the intent to harm a 15-year-old youngster and discredit art and artists. According to sources, Monika is moving from Namchi to Gangtok for additional interrogation.

A First Information Report (FIR) has been made by the Sadar Police Station against the “Pawan Chamling Ideas and Newarnee Monika” Facebook page for obscenely depicting a 15-year-old girl. This action comes after a prior FIR was filed on June 26 against the same Facebook sites for the alleged inappropriate representation of the little girl.

The 34-year-old woman who submitted the lawsuit is the head of a local production entertainment house.

On Wednesday , a mother of victim teenager talent has threatened that until and unless her daughter doesn’t gets justice she will sit on dharna at door of former CM cum SDF President Pawan Chamling’s house.

Mother of teenager has accused Chamling for his alleged remark “Cabaret Dancer”.

The event happened on June 25 during a music video debut that the complainant’s production company had planned. The event featured a variety of cultural and Bollywood dance performances and was attended by Chief Guest Minister Sanjeet Kharel and Jacob Khaling, Political Secretary to the Chief Minister. 15-year-old daughter of the plaintiff took part in one of the Bollywood songs.

However, people who used the aliases “Pawan Chamling Ideas” and “Newarnee Monika” on Facebook purposefully uploaded and posted a video of the complainant’s kid with lewd captions, portraying her in an offensive and filthy way. With the caption “Tension Badheko Badhekai cha, Relax Garnu Mujarama netahoru,” the Facebook page “Pawan Chamling Ideas” posted the video, while the profile “Newarnee Monika” posted it with the caption “Majja cha hw koi koilai.”

The Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) accuses former CM cum SDF Party President Pawan Chamlign in the case

Jacob Khaling, a Political Secretary to CM has issued an video message where he has condemned the malicious attempt of Sikkim Democratic Front SDF Party to tarnish image of well-going ruling Sikkim Krantikari Morcha SKM Party. Khaling accuse Pawan Chamling being deceptive nature who always is involved in creating rift in society as well as community to achieve his desire in politics.