Hilarious Tale of Thieves Who Stole a Van Without Knowing How to Drive

Hilarious Tale of Thieves Who Stole a Van Without Knowing How to Drive
Hilarious Tale of Thieves Who Stole a Van Without Knowing How to Drive
Hilarious Tale of Thieves Who Stole a Van Without Knowing How to Drive

In an amusing incident, three students in Kanpur teamed up to carry out a quick money-making scheme by stealing a Maruti van from the Dabauli neighborhood.

With confidence and daring, they successfully managed to snatch the vehicle, but their triumph quickly turned into a dilemma when they realized none of them knew how to drive.

Caught off guard, the trio found themselves in a puzzling situation. However, their determination refused to waver, and they devised an unconventional plan—they decided to push the stolen van instead. Under the cover of darkness, they pushed the van for a whopping 10 kilometers. Exhausted and physically drained, they eventually reached their limit. Recognizing their inability to continue, the tired men made the spontaneous decision to abandon the van. Removing the license plate, they concealed it in a secluded area before swiftly fleeing the scene.

The escapade came to an end when the police arrested Satyam Kumar, Aman Gautam, and Amit Verma on Tuesday. Satyam, a BTech student at an engineering college in Maharajpur, and Aman, a final-year BCom student at DBS College, were accompanied by Amit, who was employed at the time.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Bhej Narayan Singh shed light on the incident, revealing that the theft occurred on May 7 in the Dabauli area. ACP Singh explained, “These individuals managed to steal the van, but none of them had the necessary driving skills. As a result, they resorted to pushing the van for a distance of 10 kilometers, from Dabauli to Kalyanpur. Subsequently, they removed the license plate and hid it in an abandoned location. Although they couldn’t drive the vehicle, their plan was to sell it after the theft.”

The ACP further disclosed that Amit was the mastermind behind the robbery, while Satyam was in the process of developing a website specifically designed for selling stolen vehicles. “Satyam was working on a website to facilitate the sale of stolen vehicles. His plan was to resort to online sales if the vehicles proved difficult to sell in the conventional market,” ACP Singh added.

The incident serves as a lighthearted reminder that even the most audacious plans can take unexpected turns. It showcases the unpredictable nature of life and the importance of being prepared for the unforeseen.

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