Darjeeling Police Demands Rs 5,000 Bribe from Driver

Darjeeling Police Demands Rs 5,000 Bribe from Driver
Darjeeling Police Demands Rs 5,000 Bribe from Driver
Darjeeling Police Demands Rs 5,000 Bribe from Driver

In a disturbing incident, a video has emerged showing a tourist vehicle driver from Sikkim accusing the Darjeeling police of demanding a bribe of Rs 5,000. According to the driver in the video, he was stopped by two police personnel on his way back after dropping off tourists at a hotel in Darjeeling. The driver alleges that he was forcibly taken to the police booth where he was subjected to physical assault, including kicks and slaps, by the policemen.

In the video, the driver claims that the policemen threatened to file serious charges against him if he didn’t pay a bribe of Rs 5,000. Eventually, the driver managed to negotiate the bribe amount down to Rs 2,000, which he paid online into one of the policemen’s UPI (Unified Payments Interface) account.

Victim Prem Bahadur Chhetri speaks with media in Darjeeling Press Club Hall

This incident has raised serious concerns about corruption and misconduct within the Darjeeling police force. The actions of the police personnel involved not only violated the law but also undermined the trust that citizens should have in law enforcement agencies.

The video serves as evidence of the driver’s claims and should prompt a thorough investigation into the matter. It is crucial to hold those responsible accountable for their actions and ensure that justice is served. Such instances of police misconduct and extortion tarnish the reputation of the entire police force and erode public confidence in the system.

Efforts must be made to address the issue of corruption within law enforcement agencies and implement measures to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. Transparent systems and strict disciplinary actions against those found guilty of misconduct are necessary to restore trust and uphold the principles of justice and fairness.

Darjeeling Police Prompt Action On Extortion and Assault On Sikkim Driver – 22 June 2023 

In response to a case of extortion and assault involving a Sikkim tourist vehicle driver, the Darjeeling Police has taken prompt action. On Wednesday, it was reported that two personnel, a Homeguard and a Civic Volunteer, were involved in the incident.
The Homeguard has been suspended, effective immediately, and a departmental inquiry has been initiated against him.
The Civic Volunteer, on the other hand, has been discharged from service.