Watch : Aurora like flashes Over The Delhi Sky After Tuesday Night Earthquake

Watch : Aurora like flashes Over The Delhi Sky After Tuesday Night Earthquake
Watch : Aurora like flashes Over The Delhi Sky After Tuesday Night Earthquake
Watch : Aurora like flashes Over The Delhi Sky After Tuesday Night Earthquake

New Delhi, 22 March : Immense videos, reactions, and memes about the earthquake in North India on Tuesday (March 21) flooded social media. After the earthquake, lights in the sky were also mentioned as something strange.
A few people on the internet shared videos in which the sky appeared to be a different color, like orange or blue.
Several internet users inquired about the alleged phenomenon, primarily seeking an explanation for the night sky’s color shift. This phenomenon, which is commonly referred to as “earthquake lights,” is still under investigation and cannot be precisely defined.

This phenomenon known as earthquake lights can be observed in the form of glows in the sky, balls of light, sheet lighting, or streamers, as stated by the United States Geological Survey. Geophysicists do not agree on whether earthquake lights have solid evidence. However, there are hypotheses or theories that could scientifically explain the event. In the 2019 paper titled “Co-seismic Earthquake Lights: A Possible Interpretation,” a researcher by the name of Freund examined the phenomenon and proposed a possible explanation for it. The Fundamental Mechanism.

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As previously stated, this is merely a hypothesis to explain an event that scientists do not yet fully comprehend.

Animals acting strangely prior to an earthquake is another anecdotal occurrence associated with earthquakes. This has been reported for centuries, and numerous studies have been conducted on it. This has been most broadly announced and concentrated on in China.

How does earthquake light work?

When luminosity is observed in the sky in seismically active regions and nearby areas, it is a relatively uncommon phenomenon. Even volcanic eruptions can cause it. Although the phenomenon has been observed numerous times throughout history, both ancient and modern, there is no general agreement regarding its cause. It has been repeatedly documented in videos since 2016.

Scientific research is still ongoing to determine the precise mechanism underlying earthquake lights. However, there are various hypotheses. The most well-known are electrically charged particles that are produced by seismic activity, get stuck in the Earth’s crust, and then explode in the form of an electrical discharge. According to a different theory, some minerals may experience a piezoelectric effect as a result of the intense stress brought on by a powerful earthquake, resulting in the emission of light and an electrical charge.

History of Earthquake Light Appearance 

“Strange lights in the sky” were observed during the Sanriku earthquake in 869 AD, which is where the first records of the phenomenon were made. During the 1975 Kalapana earthquake, the 1930 Idu earthquake, the 2008 Sichuan earthquake’s epicenter, the 2003 Colima earthquake in Mexico, the 2007 Peru earthquake lights, the 2010 Chile earthquakes, and the 2017 Mexico earthquake, earthquake light was also reported. The lights can be visible for a few seconds to a few minutes and can occur in the skies over regions that are far from the epicentre. They appear to accompany more powerful earthquakes with magnitudes above 5.

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