SKM Nari Shakti Vouch ‘Death Penalty’ To Guilty Involved In ‘Inhumane Act’

SKM Nari Shakti Vouch 'Death Penalty' To Guilt In 'Inhumane Act'
SKM Nari Shakti Vouch 'Death Penalty' To Guilt In 'Inhumane Act'
SKM Nari Shakti Vouch ‘Death Penalty’ To Guilty Involved In ‘Inhumane Act’

Today Press Conference was called by Sikkim Krantikari Morcha Party SKM Nari Shakti and Nari Prakosta executives body President Mrs. Kala Rai, Mrs. Pooja Sharma (Chairperson) , Mrs. Chung Bhutia (Chairperson) , Mrs. Laden Bhutia (Zilla Adhyaksh Pakyong Dist) and Anita Pradhan (State Level President), Gangtok Dy Mayor Tshering Palden Bhutia.

The organization strongly condemns the recent inhumane act committed by Pritam Sharma, a resident of Samastipur, Bihar. The organization calls for a strong penalty, not less than death, if he is proven guilty of the offense which has shocked the entire state and humanity.

Such anti-social elements are burden for society and Earth, they deserve not less than a death since their death will bring fear on those type of criminals who are still thriving among us.

Before implementing the Inner Line Permit (ILP), landlords should keep a record of the type of tenant they are renting their house to. This is the first level of security in curbing crime, and owners must verify their tenants by providing information to the police.

From here we urge everyone not to rent to strangers and to keep their records intact before renting out their property. More than ILP, awareness and alertness of the house owner is vital.

Today, many people who are seeking ILP themselves are renting out their properties to strangers haphazardly. The first duty they should do is to get their tenants’ details ensuring that tenants have clean past track records.

Sexual awareness and education at all levels are essential, and we should not feel ashamed of imparting sex education to teach our children all about behavioral patterns.

It is achievable and not impossible. We need to change our perspectives and perceptions now. Sensitizing good and bad touch like things to students will also bring awareness among them.

We request don’t hide crime , bring out to public with audacity as such that will otherwise boost the criminals to carry forward such heinous activity with others also.

Regarding parenting , every parents must keep watch on their children , take them seriously about their wellness , whereabouts whenever they are out of house.

Another big thing is businessmen who are running Discotheques should be vigilant on their customers whomsoever come to their premise , provide appropriate timing of opening and closing but not to run it till 4 AM in next morning.

It is not always government is responsible for crime that takes place , it is responsibility of every single citizen who house criminals without getting their details.

There’s an instance that certain people carrying lotteries are doing recce around various places inside village and even urban area, before accomplishing their target crime they gets all information about house or person. Such people bearing no authoritative permission should be checked by respective citizens.

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