‘Poonam Pandey death hoax might have been planned for months’

'Poonam Pandey death hoax might have been planned for months'
'Poonam Pandey death hoax might have been planned for months'
‘Poonam Pandey death hoax might have been planned for months’

New Delhi, 04 February : When Poonam Pandey, the actor-model, made a surprising reappearance on Saturday, claiming that her reported death was a staged event to raise awareness for cervical cancer, she asserted the gravity of her actions as a form of advocacy for a noble cause. However, a closer examination suggests a different narrative.

Pandey, renowned for her involvement in erotica, was declared deceased on her official Instagram account in a post seemingly shared by family and friends on Friday.

Approximately 24 hours later, she released a video asserting her continued existence and directed her audience to her newly launched website, www dot poonampandeyisalive dot com, purportedly initiated to support the “#DeathToCervicalCancer” cause.

'Poonam Pandey death hoax might have been planned for months'
‘Poonam Pandey death hoax might have been planned for months’

While she associated her campaign with a recent cervical cancer vaccination program announcement by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, scrutiny of the domain registration records reveals that the website was registered on July 18, 2023. This timeline suggests that the death hoax might have been planned for months and may not necessarily be directly linked to cervical cancer.

Poonam stepped into Bollywood in 2013 with her debut film, Nasha. Her filmography includes works like Love Poison, Malini and Co, and Aa Gaya Hero. Apart from her cinematic journey, Poonam has ventured into the realm of reality television, participating in two well-received shows: Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 4 in 2011 and Lock Upp in 2022.

A comprehensive analysis of hundreds of social media posts indicates that Poonam Pandey, whose acting career has struggled to gain momentum even 11 years after her Bollywood debut in the film ‘Nasha,’ has not discussed health, let alone cervical cancer, in the past year. India Today’s investigation found no posts on her Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube accounts containing keywords such as “health,” “cancer,” or “cervical cancer.”

Furthermore, a closer inspection of the website reveals signs of hasty assembly and modification. The ‘Survivor Stories’ section features the testimony of Delhi’s Sangeeta Gupta, copied directly from a document of the American Cancer Society without any original contributions.

Websites dedicated to specific causes typically incorporate relevant keywords in their URLs for better identification, audience reach, and preferential ranking on search engines. In this instance, the website’s URL focuses on Pandey’s existence rather than cervical cancer.

Meanwhile, the actor saw a surge of more than 1 lakh followers on her Instagram during this episode, reaching a count of 1.3 million on Saturday.

Poonam Pandey has been embroiled in various controversies throughout her career. Some notable instances include:

1. Nude Controversy: Poonam gained attention for posting provocative pictures on social media platforms, often sharing semi-nude or nude images that stirred controversy and sparked debates about censorship.

2. World Cup Promise: During the 2011 Cricket World Cup, Poonam promised to strip if India won the tournament. Although India emerged victorious, she later claimed it was a publicity stunt, leading to criticism and legal issues.

3. App Launch Legal Battle: In 2019, Poonam launched her own app for exclusive content. However, it led to a legal dispute with the app store, as it was briefly taken down for violating guidelines related to explicit content.

4. Domestic Violence Allegations: In 2020, Poonam accused her husband of domestic violence and filed a complaint against him. This personal controversy gained media attention and fueled discussions about the couple’s tumultuous relationship.

5. Fake Marriage Controversy: Poonam made headlines when she announced her marriage on social media, only to later claim it was a publicity stunt. The incident raised questions about the authenticity of her personal life and relationships.

These controversies have contributed to Poonam Pandey’s public image, making her a controversial figure in the entertainment industry.