Padam Gurung Death Case : ‘Viral Audio of Girls Is Inconsistent’

Padam Gurung Death Case : 'Viral Audio of Girls Is Inconsistent'
Padam Gurung Death Case : 'Viral Audio of Girls Is Inconsistent'
Padam Gurung Death Case : ‘Viral Audio of Girls Is Inconsistent’

In a recent update regarding the investigation into the mysterious death of Padam Gurung, the Sikkim Police’s office of the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) has issued a press release. The press release states that the viral audio being circulated on social media is inaccurate and lacks consistency.

As previously reported, Padam Gurung was discovered deceased in a drain in Kazitar, Namchi. Since the incident, there has been widespread outrage among Gurung’s family, relatives, colleagues, and internet users.
This is with reference lo Namchi PS U.D Case No 22/2023 dated: 28 06.2023 wherein one Padam Gurung was found dead in the drain at Kazitar, South Sikkim. The deceased was reportedly swept away by high volume of water of the said drain due to heavy rainfall.

In this regard, it is observed that one audio clip is being circulated in social media wherein a woman has claimed that on the relevant night of 27.06.2023, she had witnessed the deceased Padam Gurung being beaten up in front of the restaurant “Cross Roads”, Namchi. The Special Investigating Team of Sikkim Police has examined the said women and some juvenile witnesses associated with the incident.

Whereas the fact is revealed that the incident being discussed in the above said viral audio pertains to another incident which has happened on the same night and in front of same restaurant.

In the CCTV footage, the deceased along with another person can be seen going downwards reportedly in search of their vehicle keys while another group of people, who appear to be highly unstable are seen to be arguing and scuffling.

It seems that the woman who is discussing an incident that took place on that particular night in front of the said restaurant. However, it has now been discovered that the incident being discussed in the audio pertains to a different event that occurred on the same night, but in front of the same restaurant.

According to this new information, the deceased person and another individual were seen going downwards, presumably in search of their vehicle keys. The statements provided by witnesses have been compared with the CCTV footages and found to be inconsistent.

Based on the information provided, it is clarified that there has been confusion initially regarding the incident being discussed in the viral audio. It’s important to rely on verified facts and evidence, such as CCTV footage and statements from reliable witnesses, to establish an accurate understanding of the events that took place.

Further investigation to gather more details and ascertain the complete picture of what occurred on that particular night is underway. As of now 31 witnesses have been examined and further, 8 more individuals have been identified, who could reveal vital information related to the instant case.

Press/Media and General Public are requested not to upload un-verified audio/video recording which may create confusion and distrust amongst the members of public.

It is hereby informed to all concerned that if there is any attempt to mislead the investigation or bring discord in the community on the subject, it will be dealt seriously and perpetrators shall face legal action.

Namchi Police Issues Video Message For General Public In The Case , Stating That People Not To Fall In Rumors Spread In Social Media 



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