Former CM Pawan Chamling suspended from assembly using marshal

Former CM Pawan Chamling suspended from assembly using marshal
Former CM Pawan Chamling suspended from assembly using marshal
Former CM Pawan Chamling suspended from assembly using marshal

MLA Namchi Singithang cum Former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling was today removed from Assembly during the special session. Speaking to media persons Chamling told that he was removed from assembly when he raised objection over Lok Sabha Financial Bill 2023 where ‘Sikkimese’ definition has been extrapolated easing everyone who settled in Sikkim before April 1975 have equal right to that of ‘Sikkimese’.

He told that identity and rights of Sikkimese has been compromised, which in future course of time will shrink dream of generation. He further told that he wanted to apprise SKM Govt to look into the matter for sake of future of Sikkimese but they removed him using marshal. He added, today’s a black day in history of Sikkim.

When asked about the expulsion of a former Chief Minister from the assembly, Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) informed the media that he does not have the power to remove someone from the assembly. It is the role of the Speaker who removes the member with the help of the marshal.

He further clarified that they he hasn’t misled the assembly and that everything presented in the assembly is based on facts and figures. This involved the facts during SDF government in which former CM Pawan Chamling over reacted causing disturbance in session. The matter of removing a member from the assembly using the marshal is subject to the decorum of the assembly. He also mentioned that he too was once removed from the assembly.

Regarding rights of Sikkim being diluted as alleged by former CM Pawan Chamling , CM told that there has not been any dilution with old laws or special rights of Sikkimese.

What CM said in Singtam, 8 April 2023 ?

Sikkim’s Chief Minister, Prem Singh Tamang, has announced that strict legal action will be taken against those responsible for the violent incident in Singtam. Expressing his disappointment over the incident, he assured reporters that a thorough police investigation will be conducted.

CM stated that the Singtam Nagar Panchayat had been granted permission to hold an event, but the Joint Action Committee (JAC) arrived and led to the altercation. He added that arrests are being made based on CCTV footage and the government is taking all necessary steps to ensure justice is served.

SKM party Press Conference Immediately After Session

After the session, the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) party spokesperson CP Sharma, Political Secretary to CM Jacob Khaling, and Press Secretary Bikash Basnett held a press conference to explain what had happened inside the assembly.

According to the SKM, former CM and MLA Pawan Chamling crossed all limits and decorum of the assembly. As the leader of the opposition house, his abnormal reaction was very much unethical as per the regulations of the house. The Speaker, Arun Upreti, had to adjourn the assembly without completing any work for almost 10 minutes, and even after the assembly resumed, Chamling interrupted CM Prem Singh Tamang again.

It is dubious and fictitious claim that oppositions including SDF are making false allegations that Article 371 F and Old Laws are diluted, SKM said. Regarding Lok Sabha Financial Bill SKM elaborates the stand of state and Tusshar Mehta solicitor general of India.
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