Google Bard ChatBot AI Image Generator

Google Bard ChatBot AI Image Generator
Google Bard ChatBot AI Image Generator
Google Bard ChatBot AI Image Generator

Pakyong, 2 February : Google’s Bard chatbot has taken a significant leap forward by introducing free AI image generation. While the current iteration excels in producing simplistic images, improvements are expected over time.

The enhanced capabilities of Bard’s AI image generation bring it into competition with platforms like ChatGPT Plus. Users can easily visit the website, input a prompt for image creation, and witness the magic unfold—all at no cost.

However, the current state of Bard’s AI image generation leans towards simplicity. The tool is anticipated to undergo enhancements in the future.

Utilizing Google’s Imagen 2 for Text-To-Image Conversion
Bard users now have the option to instruct the chatbot to generate images using Google’s Imagen 2 tool, converting text into visual content. Despite initial expectations of being powered by the more robust Gemini Ultra model, Bard currently operates on Google’s Gemini Pro large language model, while the Ultra model remains in development.

Bard vs. ChatGPT Plus
Google positions Bard as a formidable competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus, which leverages GPT-4 to enable users to create images through DALL-E 3 integration.

Previously, ChatGPT Plus had a slight edge due to Bard lacking text-to-image features. However, with the integration of Imagen 2, Bard levels the playing field, with a notable distinction being that Bard’s service is provided free of charge, while ChatGPT Plus requires a subscription.

Emphasizing Responsible Image Creation
Google places a strong emphasis on responsible image creation with Bard’s capabilities. A safety feature called watermarking has been implemented to make it clear that the AI-generated images are not real. This subtle mark, hidden in the pictures, signifies that they were computer-generated rather than created by a person.

To ensure responsible usage, safety measures have been incorporated into Bard. These measures prevent the generation of pictures featuring famous individuals or containing violent, offensive, or private content. This proactive approach aims to maintain a positive and safe environment for all users of the tool.

Expanding Generative AI Exploration with ImageFX
Google further expands its exploration of generative AI with ImageFX, an experimental photo tool powered by Imagen 2. Users can easily create images through straightforward text prompts, adding another dimension to the creative possibilities offered by Google’s AI technology.