Premiere of Nepali Feature Film ‘Babari’

Premiere of Nepali Feature Film 'Babari'
Premiere of Nepali Feature Film 'Babari'
Premiere of Nepali Feature Film ‘Babari’

Gangtok, 25 March : One of the first Venture between Nepal and Indian state of Sikkim, the Nepali language film “Babari” held a grand premiere at Vajra Cinema Hall on Friday.

The film is directed by Surendra Poudyal and produced by Ganesh Budhathoki, Pushpa Lata Budhathoki and Sikkim’s Sushma Gurung. The film was shot extensively in Nepal and Sikkim It feature an host of artists like Dilip Gurung, Trishala Tamang, Nitesh Gurung, Dichen Thungeon, Rajni Khati, Sony Virdhi and Neelam Gurung who all belong to Sikkim.

“Babari is a conventional triangular love story centered on Bijeta, Bikrant, and Ronish. When the love you give to another person is not understood, all you get is grief. That is exactly what Babari movie illustrates,” said Sushma Gurung, producer.

The lead actors of the movie are popular Nepali actors Aditi Budhathoki, Dhiraj Magar and Dhiraj Nadkar – who is also the son of legendary actress Tripti Nadkar.

Arun Upreti, Speaker, Sikkim Legislative Assembly while attending the premiere of the movie appreciated the efforts of the producer for shooting the film in picturesque locations of Sikkim. He also applauded the efforts of Sikkimese producer Sushma Gurung and the team of Sushma Productions for taking local talent in Nepali cinema, further opening the avenues for talented artists of the Himalayan state and the region.

The film revolves around Bijeta (Aditi Budhathoki) who has been invited to her closest friend’s wedding in Sikkim. She goes there to spend some quality time with her buddies. During the celebration, she meets Ronish (Dhiraj Nadakar), and they both fall in love. Ronish pledges to deliver a marriage proposal to Bijeta’s home in Nepal soon so that they can marry. Both leave with the promise of meeting again soon.

When Bijeta returns home, her parents are trying to fix her marriage to another unknown man which she doesn’t like. At the same time, she meets a childhood acquaintance, Vikrant (Dhiraj Magar), who gets Bijeta’s sister’s marriage proposal, but Vikrant falls in love with Bijeta. After this, the story is set completely in Sikkim with cinematographer Narendra Mainali capturing majestic mountains and valleys of Sikkim aptly as the screenplay proceeds.

Capital Gangtok is showcased in a way that has not been captured by directors in both Hindi and Nepali cinema. The director has portrayed the mountain city without getting into the typical trap of filming a song sequence at MG Marg – the heart of Gangtok.

The film is replete with haunting numbers composed by Kali Prasad Baskota, Sujan Chapagain and Anmol Gurung of “Appa” fame, who hails from Kalimpong.
The co producer of the film Sushma Gurung has thanked the state government and had appreciated the Sikkim film policy which helped her aid this production.

Nitesh R Pradhan
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