Covid-19 Surge : The Ministry Instructs States and UTs For Optimal Testing

Covid-19 Surge : The Ministry Instructs States and UTs For Optimal Testing
Covid-19 Surge : The Ministry Instructs States and UTs For Optimal Testing
Covid-19 Surge : The Ministry Instructs States and UTs For Optimal Testing

New Delhi, 25 March : The health ministry has issued an advisory to stop the virus from spreading in the face of an increase in Covid-19 cases. States and Union Territories have been instructed by the government to maintain optimal coronavirus testing.

In response to an increase in the number of coronavirus cases that have been reported across the nation, the Health Ministry issued new guidelines on Saturday. The public authority additionally hailed the lacking Coronavirus testing in certain states.

“In some states, Covid-19 testing has decreased over the past few weeks, and the current testing levels are insufficient in comparison to the WHO standards, which are 140 tests per million. Additionally, testing varies at the district and block level, with some states heavily relying on less sensitive rapid antigen tests, according to the UTs’ communication to states.

The health ministry issued a warning that equitable distribution of optimal Covid-19 testing across states—with appropriate modifications to address the emergence of new clusters of Covid cases—is crucial.

The order stated, “This is especially important to identify any emerging hotspots and take preventative measures to curb virus transmission.”

According to the government order, coronavirus and influenza have many similarities, including their modes of transmission, high-risk populations, and clinical signs and symptoms.

The health ministry stated, “While this may present a clinical dilemma for the attending physicians in terms of diagnosis, this also renders both of these diseases easily preventable by following simple public health measures such as avoiding overcrowded and poorly ventilated settings, maintaining hand hygiene, etc.”

The government issued an advisory to raise community awareness of respiratory and hand hygiene practices in an effort to prevent virus transmission. These are some:

Wearing masks by doctors, paramedics, and other healthcare workers, as well as by patients and their attendants within health care facilities Wearing masks in crowded and closed settings Using a handkerchief or tissue to cover nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing Maintaining hand hygiene and frequently washing hands Avoiding spitting in public places Promoting testing and early reporting of symptoms Limiting personal contact if suffering from respiratory diseases

In addition, the Union Health Ministry urged the states to assess their preparedness for hospitals, including their supply of drugs and beds, including lCU beds; medical equipment, medical oxygen, training of human resources to follow existing guidelines, and vaccination coverage are all examples of medical equipment.

The request expressed that a cross country mock drill is being moved toward April 10 and 11, wherein wellbeing offices (both public and private) from all regions are supposed to partake.

The states will be informed of the mock drill’s specifics during a March 27 virtual meeting.

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