CM visits Palyul Dechen Gawaling Monastery at Sribadam, Soreng

CM visits Palyul Dechen Gawaling Monastery at Sribadam, Soreng
CM visits Palyul Dechen Gawaling Monastery at Sribadam, Soreng
CM visits Palyul Dechen Gawaling Monastery at Sribadam, Soreng

On the auspicious occasion of Saga Dawa, the Chief Minister of Sikkim Shri Prem Singh Tamang along with Mrs. Sarda Tamang, Spouse of the Chief Minister visited the Palyul Dechen Gawaling Monastery at Sribadam, Soreng. The Chief Minister was accompanied by H.E. Palyul Latul Rinpochela, Ven Khenpo Tamdin Shito, Political Secretary to HCM Shri Jacob Khaling, Zilla Adhakshya Smt. Tila Devi Gurung, MLA Rinchenpong Shri KS Lepcha, MLA Soreng-Chakung Shri Aditya Golay, Advisors, Chairpersons, DC Soreng Shri Bhim Thatal, HoDs of Line Department, Officers and dignitaries.
The Chief Minister in his address conveyed his best wishes on the auspicious occasion of Saga Dawa to the people of Sikkim. He thanked H.E. Latul Rinpochela for his invitation and congratulated him and the Monastery for the official inauguration of the Sheda. He also extended the message of Lord Buddha of practicing Nonviolence (Ahimsa) on the occasion and informed all to follow it.

He then elaborately informed the gathering about the actions and proactive approach of the government in the 4 years of governance whilst pointing out the hurdles and hindrances faced by the state during the time period with Covid-19 pandemic being one of the major hurdle. He stated that the challenges didn’t hinder them to underserve the public in need rather it paved way for them to create various tailored schemes and policies of the government for the general populous which have contributed in all the social, religious, education, health and similar other sectors. He also stated during the COVID-19 pandemic the state government faced a lot of issues but stood firm and passed the situation with positive results. He also informed that the State Government has performed well and had an increase of 57% in revenue which was possible after the correction of financial lapses. He further mentioned that no salary cuts of employees were seen in the state.
He enlightened the gathering in the setting up of dialysis centers available in all the 4 districts which have helped the people to a large extent. He further informed that similar initiatives would be taken up for the remaining left-out districts and later similar facilities would be made available at all CHCs of Sikkim. He also informed that the medicines for Cancer patients would be made available for free in Sikkim. He advised the public to take note of the works being done in the period of time and assured them that the state government would continue the work. He emphasized that the progress of the public and their needs are a priority for the state government and for which they are tirelessly working towards.
He also talked about the housing facilities for both urban and rural populous of Sikkim by increasing the number of beneficiaries per constituency in Sikkim. He stated that 1000 beneficiaries have been allotted per Constituency for house allotment and house up gradation of Rs 50000/- each, which would be paid in two installments. He also stated that 1000 beneficiaries would be availing the AAMA scheme in each constituency and GI Sheets would be given to 500 beneficiaries in each constituency. He further stated that the government has tried to focus on giving opportunities to all by providing every help necessary especially to them who are in genuine need. He further announced that the state government would soon be constructing 5 playgrounds per constituency for talent development in the rural areas.
Whilst talking about the numerous schemes and incentives he also urged the MLAs to tour their respective areas and seek out genuine candidates who can benefit from the above schemes. He further urged the public that in order for an area to progress effectively, the participation of the masses is a must. Hence they must be involved in the developmental works and unitedly help the government machineries.
Further, he enlightened the gathering on Sikkim being placed 5th on ‘Happiness Index’ in India and 1st in the North East States. He also informed that Sikkim also leads in the states abiding to Law and Order.
Initially, the Chief Minister attended the “Saga Dawa” ceremonial puja at the Monastery and later inaugurated the ‘Ngagyur Palyul Dzongag Zamyangling Institute (Sheda)’ in the premises of the Monastery.
During the program the Chief Minister presented the Recognition Letter of Monastic Schools and Appointment Order of Two Monastic Teachers to H.E. Palyul Latul Rinpochela.
Lastly, the H.E. Palyul Latul Rinpochela conveyed his blessings and presented the token of Love to the Chief Minister. Ven Khenpo Tamdin Shito shared his insights regarding the Ngagyur Palyul Dzongag Zamyangling Institute (Sheda) which was translated by Khenpo Garap D. Tamang.

IPR Soreng, 4 Jun 2023

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