JP Nadda Released Sikkim Election Manifesto , Promises Safeguard of Sikkimese

JP Nadda Released Sikkim Election Manifesto , Promises Safeguard of Sikkimese
JP Nadda Released Sikkim Election Manifesto , Promises Safeguard of Sikkimese
JP Nadda Released Sikkim Election Manifesto , Promises Safeguard of Sikkimese

Gangtok, 11 April : BJP’s national president JP Nadda unvieled the party’s manifesto on Thursday, known as the resolution letter. This manifesto has been specially prepared for the Sikkim Legislative Assembly elections in 2024. The launch event of the manifesto was organized at the Sikkim Manan Center.

Through the manifesto, BJP promises not only to address the burning issue of unemployment in the state but also pledges to provide opportunities for employment along with the promise of overall development. During the manifesto launch, along with Nadda, Dr. Dilip Jaiswal, the BJP in-charge for Sikkim, State BJP President DR Thapa, opposition leader Shri NK Subba, BJP MP candidate Dinesh Chand Nepal, and other prominent figures of Sikkim BJP were present.

The manifesto extensively discusses the issue of revenue generation and highlights concerns and proposed solutions. Additionally, a strong stance against corruption has been emphasized in the manifesto. A commitment to take strict action to effectively deal with this issue has been made. Nadda, while dispelling any misconceptions about BJP’s stance towards the Christian faith, stated that BJP governs Nagaland, where the majority of the population is Christian.

Highlighting Prime Minister Modi’s special perspective on the gateway to Asia, Nadda reiterated BJP’s commitment to reaching the farthest corners of the region and ensuring contact. In contrast to the previous government’s policy of detachment and neglect, he emphasized BJP’s active approach, which is embedded in the Look East, Act East policy. This policy has integrated the Northeast into the national mainstream. During this, Nadda also drew attention to the changes brought about under BJP rule in the Northeast, where once a region of conflict has now become a region experiencing peace and prosperity.

He shed light on achievements such as signing 11 peace agreements, surrender by more than 9,000 insurgents, a reduction of 82% in violent incidents, and investments worth 5 trillion rupees for various development projects in the region. Comparing with previous policies, Nadda criticized the previous government’s perspective, stating that previous governments believed in detachment and ignorance, which was part of Congress’s policy. However, BJP has performed better, ensuring prosperity in the Northeast.

JP Nadda’s two-day trip to Sikkim is quite significant as BJP, along with Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Vijay Sankalp Yatra,’ is accelerating its campaign to connect with voters and address crucial issues facing the state. The launch of the BJP manifesto for Sikkim reflects the party’s commitment to address local aspirations and advance development initiatives.

Major announcements of the BJP manifesto:

– We will safeguard the spirit and elements of Article 371F. Under Article 371F, any citizen residing in Sikkim is defined as an Indian citizen. People registered in the 1961 register will also be entitled to benefits equal to those of the original residents of Sikkim.
– With the cooperation of the central government, a world-class management institute, IIM, will be established in the state. JP Nadda also mentioned that BJP will establish the National Institute of Design in Sikkim.
– To empower the youth of the state and promote tourism, BJP has announced the establishment of a hotel management institute in the state.
– Under the PM Kisan scheme, farmers will be provided with an annual assistance of 9,000 rupees, which is currently six thousand rupees annually.
– BJP will allocate 500 crore rupees for the construction of agriculture-based infrastructure in Sikkim, which will lead to the construction of agriculture-based infrastructure, benefiting farmers.
– BJP has also announced the establishment of a regional institute for medical sciences in Sikkim. Additionally, the goal of creating 15,000 millionaires in the state has been set.
– BJP has set a target to provide 25,000 jobs to women and youth in the next five years in Sikkim. Amma canteens, operated by women, will be established, where people will get affordable food.
– Under the Sikkim Momentum Master Plan, the development of multi-model infrastructure will be carried out, and connectivity through seven highways, railways, and airways will be improved.