Golay Released SKM Election Manifesto for 11th Assembly

Golay Released SKM Election Manifesto for 11th Assembly

Pakyong, 5 April : Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) party released its election manifesto for the upcoming 11th State Assembly at the Vijay Bhava public meeting held on Friday at Soreng District. SKM claimed it to be focused on building a golden and prosperous Sikkim.

Golay Released SKM Election Manifesto for 11th Assembly
Golay Released SKM Election Manifesto for 11th Assembly

In said public meeting at LD Kazi Sports Ground in Chakung of the district, apart from outgoing Chief Minister cum Soreng Chakung seat, SKM candidate Prem Singh Tamang (Golay), party candidate from Zoom Salghari seat, Madan Cintury, Daramdin candidate MN Sherpa, Rinchenpong candidate Erung Tshering Lepcha were present. SKM Lok Sabha candidate Indra Hang Limboo was especially present. During this, people from four assemblies gave a grand welcome to party president Prem Singh Tamang with deafening slogans.

Addressing the gathering, the party president said that due to the various public welfare works done by the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha government in the last five years, the people of Sikkim are now eager to form the government for the second time by voting on their election symbol.

In his speech, describing the number 19 as very lucky for SKM, he said, in 2019, the SKM party had overthrown the 25-year dictatorial government and now on the coming 19th April, the public will once again vote for SKM for the second term. In this respect, 19 number is lucky for SKM party.

He claimed that the SKM government has done unprecedented work in its first term. For the first time in the history of Sikkim, he provided justice to the Sherpa community and also gave them the post of minister. In this series, once again representatives of all the castes have been fielded in the elections, giving equal opportunity and justice to all the castes in the state. He said, this time Sikkim Krantikari Morcha Party will easily form the government for the second term.

While saying that the manifesto of SKM has been prepared with a focus on building a golden and prosperous Sikkim, outgoing Chief Minister Tamang further said that it will be prepared for the development of students, youth, women, disabled employees, all castes and religions in Sikkim. Has been prepared for. He said that now as per the manifesto, the aim of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha Party is to build a prosperous and golden Sikkim in the second term.

In such a situation, he also requested everyone to make the SKM candidates victorious by voting on the table lamp election symbol. Not only this, after forming his government, he also promised to provide concessions, housing and jobs to all those left out in the second term.

It is noteworthy that the manifesto of SKM has guaranteed prosperous and golden Sikkim, bright future of youth, respect and upliftment of women, healthy and educated Sikkim, better Sikkim, prosperity of farmers, social security and good governance.

Along with this, while addressing the public meeting, SKM Lok Sabha candidate Indra Hang Limboo also said that despite coming from a remote village, the people of Sikkim took him to the Parliament and he got the opportunity to put many things in the Parliament for the security of Sikkim in his first term. found. In such a situation, he promised to resolve many pending issues when he reaches Parliament again after voting.

After the meeting, the party president also addressed the people of Yoksam Tashiding, Yangthang, Manebung Dentam and Gyalshing Barnyak assembly held in Gyalshing. It is known that the state level Vijay Bhava public meeting of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha Party will conclude on April 15 in Jorthang.

‘Golay’s 9 Guarantees’ promising a golden era in the state.

During the launch event held at Chakung Playground in Soreng, which was organized for four assembly constituencies – Rinchenpong, Daramdin, Soreng-Chakung, and Zoom Salghari, the presence of senior leaders besides the party president and former chief minister Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) was noted. On this occasion, the supplementary unveiling of the manifesto titled ‘Golay’s 9 Guarantees’ was also conducted.

During the event, party president Tamang stated that this visionary manifesto addresses the concerns of the Sikkimese society, encompassing women, men, children, youth, and the elderly. It meticulously considers every aspect of the state’s welfare, from safeguarding the rights of government employees to supporting emerging entrepreneurs and reducing unemployment. According to him, this manifesto reflects the culmination of extensive deliberations gathered from villages and towns across the state during the tenure of the SKM government and pledges tangible action and implementation.

Furthermore, CM Golay highlighted nine specific guarantees aimed at advancing the development and prosperity of Sikkim, including economic prosperity, a hopeful future for youth, empowerment of women, a prosperous society, robust healthcare, quality education, improved standard of living, agricultural prosperity, and effective governance. He stated that these commitments reaffirm SKM’s unwavering dedication to aligning with the aspirations of Sikkim’s upliftment and its people. He publicly signed the pledge to fulfill these guarantees.

Moreover, in his address, CM Golay emphasized the achievements made during the previous term, asserting that the progressive vision of the SKM government has led to significant progress over the past five years. During this time, relentless efforts have been made to promote prosperity in all sectors of Sikkim. He stated that our goal is to transform the aspirations of every Sikkimese citizen into tangible realities. Despite notable achievements, several schemes are awaiting implementation, reaffirming SKM’s steadfast commitment to fulfilling its promises.

Additionally, CM Golay pledged to give tangible shape to these plans in the next five years with the mandate of the new mandate, ensuring the well-being of Sikkim’s population. He said that the hallmark of our governance will be transparency, strength, and decisiveness, resonating with clear enthusiasm among citizens for continuous development. According to him, today’s released manifesto is a symbol of our commitment to fulfilling the expectations of Sikkimese citizens.