Swept Bomb Explodes On Bank Of Teesta, No Casualty

Swept Bomb Explodes On Bank Of Teesta, No Casualty
Swept Bomb Explodes On Bank Of Teesta, No Casualty
Swept Bomb Explodes On Bank Of Teesta, No Casualty

Siliguri, 6 October : An explosion took place on Friday in at Andheri Jhora near Bagpul , along the banks of the Teesta River. The explosion was captured on camera and is believed to have been caused by a large cache of ammunition, purportedly belonging to the Indian Army, which was swept away by flash floods from Bardang cache.

Fortunately, there were no reported injuries resulting from the explosion. According to Army sources, the ammunition was carried away by the swift currents of the Teesta River during the flash floods.

In response to the incident, the Army issued an alert to the local residents, urging them to promptly inform officials if they come across any unattended weapons or ammunition in the area.

It is worth noting that just the day before this incident, a tragic event unfolded in New Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. Two individuals lost their lives, and four others sustained injuries when a grenade, reportedly brought into a home, exploded.

There are also report of finding bombs swept by Teesta river that which some locals strategically cordoned and informed the authority about it.

Stats of Sikkim Flood on Friday
The confirmed death toll from the flash floods in Sikkim rose to 26 today with 142 still missing after the glacier-fed Lhonak lake in north Sikkim triggered a flash flood in the Teesta river basin on October 4.
1173 houses are severely damaged and 2413 people are rescued till date. All bridges downstream to the Teesta-V hydropower station were submerged or washed out, disrupting communication.
As per reports received till 08:00 pm, the following damages have been reported from the districts:
Mangan District:
04 Death
15 people reported missing.
700 (aprox) evacuated
08 Bridge washed away
1965 people are accommodated at the relief camps
(i) ITI,Chandey,
(ii) Tourist guest house,
(iii) Community hall, Bob
(iv) Naga
(V) Phedang Primary School

Gangtok District:
06 Death
23 People Missing
1025 evacuated
03 Bridge washed away
1715 people are accommodated at relief camp
(i) Dikchu SSS
(ii) Serwani SSS,
(iii) Food Preservation Factory,
(iv) Bihari Bhawan

Namchi District:
00 Death
65 People Missing
630 evacuated
02 Bridge washed away
1088 people are accommodated at relief camp (i) Pranami Mandirm Namphing
(ii) Devi Mandir Adarshgaon
(ili) Bhawana Educational Institute, Lower Mamring
(iv) Handmade Paper Unit Office, Melli-
(v) NHPC Primary School Linkutar
(vi) Rekep Primary School Lower Chalanthang.
(vii) Govt. Jr. High School Mangeley
(vii) Melli St. Secondary School.

Pakyong District:
09 + 07 (Army personnel) Death
40 People Missing
58 evacuated
00 Bridge washed away
2107 people are accommodated at relief camp
(i)Chanatar Govt Secondary School-1500
(ii)Majhitar Govt. Secondary School-49
(iii) Majhigaon Housing Complex-128
(iv) Nepali Dharamshala-400
(v) Tourist Information Centre-30