Annual General Meeting of the Sikkim State Civil Service Officers’ Association (SSCSOA)

Annual General Meeting of the Sikkim State Civil Service Officers' Association (SSCSOA)
Annual General Meeting of the Sikkim State Civil Service Officers' Association (SSCSOA)
Annual General Meeting of the Sikkim State Civil Service Officers’ Association (SSCSOA)

The Annual General Meeting of the Sikkim State Civil Service Officers’ Association (SSCSOA) took place today here at Chintan Bhawan. The programme was attended by Chief Minister Shri Prem Singh Tamang as the chief guest who was accompanied by Education Minister, Shri Kunga Nima Lepcha.
Addressing the gathering, Chief Minister Shri Prem Singh Tamang said that the dedication, professionalism, and tireless efforts of civil services officers form the backbone of the State administration. He extended gratitude to their commitment to public service and their relentless pursuit of excellence contributing significantly to the growth and development of the State and its citizens.
In his significant and progressive announcement, the Chief Minister said that amendments shall be made in the existing maternity (12 months) and paternity (1 month) leave policy of the State government, allowing working parents to use the 13-month leave as needed and thereby offering flexibility to tailor their leave schedule to better suit their family’s unique circumstances. The specific details of the proposed amendment shall soon be notified, he informed.
Highlighting various steps undertaken by the State government to meet the aspirations of the State civil officers, the Chief Minister said that a review of the State Civil Services cadre was carried out under the present government wherein the posts for Secretaries for the State Civil Services was increased from 12 posts to 16.
Similarly, the strength for Special Secretaries was increased from 27 to 35; from 41 to 65 for Additional Secretaries; from 53 to 75 for Joint Secretaries; from 77 to 100 for Deputy Secretaries; and from 150 to 200 for Under Secretaries. At present, the total strength of the Sikkim State Civil Services cadre lies at 491 from the previous strength of 360, he added.
The Chief Minister said that there has been a significant focus on streamlining the promotion process for civil services officers, leading to an increase in the number of promotions. He added that a total of 2,404 promotions have been approved under the present government at the Under Secretary level and above for the State Civil Services with 2,535 promotions approved in the State Police services.
Likewise, a total of 797 direct recruitments and 350 regular appointments on compassionate grounds have been made by the State government till date, he added.
The Chief Minister further congratulated the five State Civil Services officers, currently assuming the post of Secretaries, who are being inducted into IAS against the vacancies of the year 2023. The five serving officers are Shri Rinzing Chewang Bhutia, Shri Anil Raj Rai, Shri Tshewang Gyachho, Smt. Tenzing Kizom and Smt. Tashi Cho Cho.
He also assured that the suggestions put forth by the association would be given serious consideration as the State government aims to work in close collaboration with the association to address the concerns raised and find effective solutions for the benefit of the people.
The Chief Minister emphasized that the State government is committed to transparency and accountability and reiterated its commitment to ensuring the welfare and growth of civil service officers, ultimately contributing to the effective functioning of the State administration and public services.
He further congratulated all the IAS and SCS inductees and expressed his best wishes for their future endeavors. He also conveyed gratitude to the retiring officers for their hard work, commitment, and professionalism, which have contributed to the smooth functioning and progress of the State administration and extended wishes for a happy and fulfilling retirement.
Education Minister, Shri Kunga Nima Lepcha, in his address, said that the State civil service officers are the driving force behind the implementation of policies and programmes of the State government that directly impact the lives of citizens and added that their role in maintaining law and order, delivering public services, and fostering socio-economic growth cannot be overstated. He extended heartfelt gratitude to each member of the association for their invaluable service to the people of Sikkim.
On the occasion, the SSCSOA felicitated Ms. Annapurna Alley on being elected as the Secretary of Finance of the All India Federation of State Civil/Administrative Service Associations (AIFC/ASA) during the General Body Meeting of the AIFC/ASA on March 26, 2023. Smt. Alley is not only one of the first elected office bearers from the Northeast India but also the first lady executive of the Federation.
Thereafter, the SSCSOA felicitated three newly inducted IAS officers namely, Ms. Namrata Thapa ( Secretary, IPR Department), Shri Jigmee Dorjee Bhutia (Secretary, Raj Bhavan and Agriculture Department), and Shri M.T. Sherpa (Secretary, Urban Development Department), along with 32 retired civil services officials who served in various capacities.
The association also offered token of gratitude to the Chief Minister and the Education Minister.
Earlier, the welcome speech was delivered by SSCSOA General Secretary, Ms. Annapurna Alley.
Thereafter, SSCSOA President, Shri Tshewang Gyachho, gave a brief report on the activities and concerns of the association. He thanked the Chief Minister for his unwavering support and encouragement and said that the government’s commitment to the welfare of civil service officers and dedication to good governance have been instrumental in empowering the officers to carry out their responsibilities effectively.
The vote of thanks was proposed by Joint Secretary III, Ms. Suprina Chettri.
Earlier during the first half of the AGM, a total of 30 new SCS inductees were presented with a welcome token by the executive committee of SSCSOA. This was followed by presentation of the general report of the association by President, Shri Tshewang Gyachho, while the financial report was presented by Treasurer, Ms. Kamala Rai.
With the current term of the SSCSOA Executive Committee nearing its end, an adhoc committee was constituted during the meeting for the election to form the new Executive Committee of the association. The adhoc committee includes Smt. Kesang D. Rechung as its President, Shri Samdup Bhutia as General Secretary, Shri Anil Bagdas as Joint Secretary and Ms. Tripti Hangma Subba as Treasurer.
On the occasion, the message of Minister of Urban Development Department, Shri L.B. Das, who was unable to attend the important meeting owing to prior commitments, was read out by Assistant Treasurer, SSCSOA, Shri Kiran Thatal.
The session was also addressed by adhoc committee president, Smt. Kesang D. Rechung, who assured that fairness would be upheld during the entire election process.
The welcome speech for the session was delivered by Vice President, SCSOA, Shri Bhim Thatal.

IPR Dept, 25 Jul 2023