SKM and SDF Are Confident , Both Party Supremo Speaks With Media

SKM and SDF Are Confident , Both Party Supremo Speaks With Media
SKM and SDF Are Confident , Both Party Supremo Speaks With Media
SKM and SDF Are Confident , Both Party Supremo Speaks With Media

Pakyong, 20 April : CM and Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) Supremo , Prem Singh Tamang (Golay), along with other candidates including former Chief Minister and Supremo of Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF), Pawan Chamling voted at their respective constituencies on Friday during the single-day phase 1 poll for 11th Assembly and lone 18th Lok Sabha seat elections for the state of Sikkim.

CM PS Golay is contesting from the Soreng and Rhenock constituencies in the current 11th Legislative Assembly elections. Friday morning, CM Golay arrived in Soreng from Gangtok to cast his vote. Before that, he visited his residence in Singling and sought blessings from his mother. During this time, his wife Mrs. Sharada Golay, son Aditya Golay, party spokesperson Jacob Khaling, and other workers were also present.

After voting, while talking to journalists, CM Golay expressed his happiness at getting the opportunity to vote for himself for the first time and said that this year voting has been the most peaceful, for which he thanked the administration. He also expressed confidence that with the enthusiastic participation of voters, the SKM party will return to power for the second time.

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After voting in Soreng, CM Golay inspected the polling centers in the Chumbung area and then left for Rhenock. Upon reaching there, once agin while talking to journalists, CM Golay acknowledged that the government of the SKM party has done immense work in the last five years, and based on that, the people have decided to ensure victory for the SKM party on all 32 seats of the state assembly and one Lok Sabha seat.

In response to a question raised by media person , he expressed confidence that he is more concerned about the work of the SKM party than its victory, and the people will vote based on observing this work. He thanked the administration for the peaceful conduct of the 11th Legislative Assembly and 18th Lok Sabha elections and expressed gratitude to the entire Sikkimese community.

CM Golay praised the flexibility shown by the SKM administration in facing challenges, especially the disruptive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite adverse circumstances, the government served the people with full dedication and earned the satisfaction of voters.

Recalling the devastating floods in October 2023, CM Golay spoke about the SKM government’s response in providing relief and rehabilitation to the affected communities. He mentioned that from immediate land assistance to reconstruction of homes for displaced families, the government’s proactive measures demonstrated a strong commitment to the welfare of the people of Sikkim.

Looking towards the future, CM Golay expressed confidence in the revival of Sikkim’s tourism sector, stating that enthusiasm is being seen in tourist arrivals in recent seasons. He expressed hope for a strong revival in tourism activities, initiating economic prosperity for the state. Accepting the presence of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as a strong contender, CM Golay reiterated his commitment to the ideology of the SKM party.

SKM and SDF Are Confident , Both Party Supremo Speaks With Media
SKM and SDF Are Confident , Both Party Supremo Speaks With Media

In the otherside former Chief Minister and SDF Party Supremo Pawan Chamling was seen confident that his party will emerge victorious and dethorn SKM party from the government.
Former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling also cast his vote in Namchi with his family and while talking to journalists, said, “By voting today in the Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assembly elections, I have fulfilled my democratic responsibility towards the people and the welfare of the state.”

He claimed that people are unable to vote freely because they fear the ruling SKM party in many places in the state. Due to controversies in Gangtok, Arithang, and Melli, people are unable to vote without fear or freedom. Such incidents are being perpetrated by the ruling party, it is their culture. People are scared due to the stone-pelting that has happened in the last 5 years. Therefore, the people of Sikkim want liberation from the current SKM government.

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