Temi Tea First Flush fetched Rs 10,250

Temi Tea First Flush fetched Rs 10,250
Temi Tea First Flush fetched Rs 10,250
Temi Tea First Flush fetched Rs 10,250

First flush of Temi Tea fetched record breaking price of Rs 10,250/kg this year. Temi Tea Estate is currently harvesting its first flush tea leaves. Orthodox Black Tea and Oolong Tea manufactured out of First flush tea leaves. Temi Tea receiving great demand from local and international buyers. Foreign buyers from Italy and Korea are directly visiting the garden to taste and buy the teas.
Temi Tea Estate already manufactured few lots of first flush tea which were placed for open bid sale, one lot of first flush tea fetched Rs 10,250/Kg which is sold to buyers from Italy and Korea, the other lots of first flush tea also receiving great response from buyers.
The good price for first flush of Temi Tea attributes to plucking method; only a bud and two leaves are plucked for manufacture, Golden Tippy appearance of manufactured tea and Orange flowery liquor of Tea which are preferred characteristic of Temi Tea among tea connoisseur of the world.
Temi Tea Estate manufactures Orthodox Black Tea,Green Tea, Oolong Tea,White Tea and Flavor Teas. The manufacturing style of Temi Tea is artistic with commitment to provide quality Tea. Marketing team of Temi Tea Estate also committed to find a proper market and buyer for this premium tea.
Temi Tea is certified Organic Tea with NOP & NPOP standards, ISO-22000 hygiene and safety standards.
Temi Tea also known for its rich medicinal values especially anti-inflammatory properties, which is already proven through scientific research and an article published in National Library of Medicine, USA.
Temi Tea won Golden Award in the International Premium Tea Competition,2018 in Denmark, Bronze medal in AVPA, Paris in 2020, 2nd Prize in World Tea Championship.2019, Great Taste Tea award at London by The Guild of Fine Food in 2022.
Temi Tea management is committed to manufacture 1,00,000 kg of tea in the current season and make good revenue.

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