Afraid about the flu? Five asanas to increase resistance to viruses, fever, cough, and cold

Afraid about the flu? Five asanas to increase resistance to viruses, fever, cough, and cold
Afraid about the flu? Five asanas to increase resistance to viruses, fever, cough, and cold
Afraid about the flu? Five asanas to increase resistance to viruses, fever, cough, and cold

We are currently going through a seasonal transition that has resulted in many people falling ill with viral infections, the flu, coughs, and colds. However, there is no need to lose hope as our bodies have an incredible immune system that works to protect us from such attacks by viruses and bacteria. The key is to ensure that our immune system is functioning at its best, which may be challenging in today’s fast-paced lifestyle filled with stress and toxins that overwhelm our immune system.

Despite taking numerous flights during the Covid period, I did not experience any symptoms, which I attribute to a strong immune system that fought off any potential viruses.Yoga strengthens immune system.
The Shashank asana is an excellent forward bending yoga posture that has a significant positive impact on multiple body systems, including the lymphatic system. This asana effectively targets lymph nodes in various areas of the body such as the cervical, thoracic, thymus gland, and spleen, and it can also help alleviate digestive issues by distributing nutrients to all organs.
To perform Ushtrasana, start by kneeling on a mat with your knees and feet apart, aligned with your shoulders. Support your body on your knees and toes, then slowly lean back and bring your arms behind you. Inhale and move your left hand towards your left heel, eventually resting your hands on your heels. Raise your right hand over your head and bend your body backwards as far as possible without losing balance, using the left hand on the left heel for support. Hold the position for as long as possible before exhaling and returning to the kneeling position with your hands by your side. Repeat the same sequence with the right hand resting on the right heel, completing one set. Do five sets. After some practice, you can rest both hands on the respective heels and throw your whole body back, creating three positions in one set.

Trikona Asana is a twisting asana best done in sequence after Ushtrasana. Start by standing upright with your feet slightly apart, your spine straight, your body relaxed, and your hands dangling by your side. Inhale deeply and raise your arms to shoulder level. Exhale and twist your body so that your hands are aligned in a straight line in the twisted position. Bend forward so that your left hand fingers touch your right foot, and your right arm is raised straight above your head. Once in this position, look up at your raised hand. Your left hand, head, and right hand should be in a straight line in the final position.
Suryanamaskar is a full-body asana that involves stretches and bends, which can effectively help build a strong immune system. You may already be familiar with this practice.

Shavasana is another practice that is highly recommended for boosting immunity and is often done in sequence with Suryanamaskar. To perform this asana, lie down on your back with your head aligned with your spine, your hands a little away from your body, your fingers curled in relaxation, and your feet slightly apart, flopping to the side in complete relaxation. This is the starting position.
This uncomplicated practice helps eliminate stress, tension, and accumulated toxins, which in turn enhances the effectiveness of your immune system. Yoga is a comprehensive practice, and therefore, it is crucial to incorporate pranayama and breath awareness into your routine. While performing these asanas alone will yield positive outcomes, including pranayama alongside these asanas will maximize their benefits.

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