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SKM successfully carried mass joining program despite administration hurdles

Prayash Rai

SKM successfully carried mass joining program despite administration hurdles

SKM successfully carried mass joining program despite administration hurdles

Jorthang, 15 Dec : The Sikkim Krantikaari Morcha SKM Party successfully carried mass joining program on Friday here at Jorthang despite diplomatic pressure and blockage from police administration and power department, says SKM party.
On Friday according to SKM President PS Golay despite having acquired permission to use loudspeaker in Jorthang Bazar was later turned aside by Jorethang Police alleging public disturbance result of which limited duration was sanctioned. In the other hand power department also hand in gloves is alleged to have disconnected power supply which affected mammoth public meeting, however, the SKM party carried program using a miniature audio system with the loudspeaker and microphone.

SKM Party 14 December 2018 Mass Joining at Jorethang

SKM Party 14 December 2018 Mass Joining at Jorethang

SKM President PS Golay slammed and flayed Pawan Chamling led SDF govt which is putting all pressure tactics and occults to dither the political meeting of SKM misusing all government machinery and manpower to all levels.
SKM President reiterates that Pawan Chamling in 25 years of ill government did not pay heed attention to the development of Sikkim rather he continued to swell monetary benefits all to his family members, close-aide , legislators, and contractors.

In the year 1993 Chamling started his mischievous politics of communal disharmony by injecting venom , circulating doctored pamphlets inciting certain communities against Chhetri and Bahun communities. He distracted minds of innocent people of Sikkim to topple NB Bhandari government for which Chamling also circulated ill stationary materials compiled by Nepal Citizen Gopal Gurung in order to bifurcate communities and divide Sikkimese peace loving people by his ploy.
Now when Chamling’s dictatorship has reached to the brink of doomsday,, he is trying to again reverse play and butter Chhetri Bahun community to attract them just for preserving his seat.
He is going around whimsically to show his attachment with two communities nowadays, people should not forget the riot of 1999 where under the direction of Chamling many houses , cattles and property and even many Chhetri Bahun community people were forced exodus. Chamling’s bitterness against Chhetri Bahun community is never ending, now it is high time two communities must understand deep within the heart told SKM President PS Golay.

Attacking Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, SKM President exposed in black & white that how Chief Minister’s daughter pursued Masters in Education from Havard School of Education USA under Below Poverty Line BPL scheme through the Chief Minister’s Free Scholarship Scheme meant genuinely for the benefit of needy and meriterious BPL category aspirants whooping Rs 22 Lakh FREE scholarship plus allowances with slew of facilities all throughout the course duration.

During the event as many 393 SDF supporters joined SKM Party to whome SKM President extended gratitude with Khadas.
In the same row, a most awaited moment was joining of SDF Vice President cum two times MLA Bedu Singh Pant (BS Pant) in SKM.
After the official joining, BS Pant lambasted SDF Govt stating that now SDF party has become uncontrolled bearing no sense of rules and regulations result of which internally the party is become haphazard without ethics & principle. SDF has become one-man party of Pawan Chamling alone. BS Pant also made clear his joining with SKM is all due to ideology of PS Golay which is pro Sikkimese. Pant also reiterated he doesn’t need a ticket, he told with audacity ticket should not be a factor which unnecessarily would bring inconsistency within party but everyone’s mission should be making party strong.


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