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SDF Govt doesn’t bother for West Sikkim

KN Sharma

SDF Govt doesn't bother for West Sikkim

SDF Govt doesn’t bother for West Sikkim

Geyzing , 28 Sep : In a press conference held today at the office of the Press Club of West Sikkim, D.B Chauhan, the president of state BJP unit stated that the ruling front SDF will not be able to win even one assembly seat from west Sikkim in coming election claiming that the ruling front has failed to live upto the expectations of the people of West Sikkim in terms of development and public welfare initiatives.

He added that dream of the SDF party to grab the power again in 2019 will dashed to the ground as the people will vote for ‘Change’ this time. ‘Janta is exausted of one party led government and  power shuffle is what they want’, he said.

He alleged that west Sikkim is still lagging behind in many sectors in terms of development despite the SDF party’s 24 years of rules.

D.B Chauhan was on two days long tour of west Sikkim along with his team comprising of party functionaries.

Chauhan further informed that in 2019 state assembly poll, BJP will fight the election with agendas solely based on ‘development of Sikkim’. He shared that his party would field the strong candidates having clean image and connection with common sikkimese.
Chauhan added that the gate is open if the political parties of the state other than SDF opt for allaince with BJP in the assembly poll. “We are eager if proposal for alliance with other political party is made. Allied force would definitely have the upper hand”, he said.

He expressed that state BJP unit has all the backing of central executive committee and BJP wave is expected to sweep state assembly poll as in the other states of India.

 “The people are desperate for change as they seem to be tired of 24 years old SDF’s government which has done nothing for ensuring sustainable development of the state. The people have realized that piglets, chickens and pressure cookers do not signify development”, Chauhan added.

He maintained that in order to bring Sikkim on the track of development BJP could be a relaible option.

Claiming that corruptions under present SDF government is rampant in the state D.B Chauhan alleged that chain of corruption from panchayat level to the highest level takes place and the common sikkimese suffers due to such malpractices and unchecked high handedness. “The source of corruption is Mingtokgang and the political movement has become necessary to close that source”, he said.

Expressing concern over different issues pertaining to west Sikkim, D.B Chauhan said that conditions of road are worst and pathetic in many places of west Sikkim. Blaming the state government for poor conditions of roads, Chauhan stated that it is dissappointing to see the state government not taking any initiative to improve the conditions of roads in west Sikkim. He also lamented about poor health facilities in the district hospital, Geyzing. He said that failure of the SDF government in making provision for better health based facilities in the district hospital is evident from the fact that even a normal case gets reffered to other hospitals outside the district. ‘The irony is, when people try to place the demands for better health facilities the ruling front tries to politicalise the issue’, he said.

D.B Chauhan informed that the party has prepared detailed reports of problems, necessities and grievances related to people of west Sikkim and the same will be submitted to party’s high command very soon. He expressed that the party high command in Delhi would be awared of problems being faced by the people.

On the LT seat reservation issue, D.B Chauhan asserted that BJP respects the constitutional rights of the LT communities and seat reservation would happen.


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