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Only “Bhattu” & “Goondas” wants Parivartan : Chamling

KN Sharma 

Only "Bhattu" & "Goondas" wants Parivartan : Chamling

Only “Bhattu” & “Goondas” wants Parivartan : Chamling

Geyzing, August 23: The Chief Minister Pawan Chamling said that if the SDF party is likely to face defeat in the election because of him, he should not aspire to lead the party and same rule is applicable to other leaders of the party. He was speaking at 38th Foundation Day celebration of Srijunga Yakthung Sakthing Phojumbo, a limboo cultural society of Tharpu under Soreng-Chyakhung constituency on Thursday. He had attended the event as the chief guest.

Speaking further in the event Pawan Chamling stated that in order to ensure victory of SDF party in upcoming state assembly election, party workers should keep themselves away from groupism and intra party conflicts. Hinting that party would decide the candidates for the coming election, Chamling expressed that party workers should not lobby for some persons as party candidates without the approval of the party but they should work to strengthen the party from all aspects.

Lambasting at the opposition parties of the state chief minister said that for sake of peace and prosperity of Sikkim, people should not give leadership of Sikkim in the hands of oppertunists. “If people bring Paribartan (change), such change is likely to pave way for decisive culture where people would have to pay Goonda tax and peace and tranquillity of state would be destroyed. Only bhattu and goondas of sikkim want the change of the government. People should not believe them. We should not listen to negative people who are saying that change of government is needed just because it has grown old. The change should be good not devastating”, he said.

Claiming that SDF government has not grown old but well experienced to handle the state’s affairs in better way, Pawan Chamling called upon the people to keep supporting the party.

He further appealed the people not to be carried away by casteist and communal propagandas of opposition parties, saying that such evil designs would put Sikkim into a risk of communal tormoil. He added that people must not run after only caste and religion but they should come forward to take Sikkim to another height of glory through collective state building effort.

Speaking on Limboo Tamang seat reservation issue, chief minister Pawan Chamling asserted that LT communities would get their seat reserved in the state legislative assembly and no force could stop the seat reservation happening. He stated that some ooppertunistic persons are misusing the Limboo – Tamang organizations and provoking the LT to score their own political goals. He added that supporting the communal forces with vested interests would be catastropic.

Chief minister reiterated that in 1978 all the communities of Sikkim could have been included in the schedule tribe but the then state government was against non tribal communities of the state. He added that Limboo Tamang communities was not given schedule tribe status again in 1987 because of anti limboo,Tamang stand of former chief minister Nar Bahadur Bhandari. He maintained that it is due to liberal approach and effort of SDF government limboo and tamang communities was given status of tribal. He expressed that state government is working to include all communities of state under schedule tribe status.

Chief minister lamented that sikkimese people have grown dependent upon the government. He expressed that such dependence on the government would not help the people and sikkimese society to develop and flourish. He mentioned that positive approach to life and sense of responsibilities make people self dependent and economically stable. He stated that people should understand the importance of work and responsibilities to free oneself from shackles of poverty and dependency on others. He expressed that in today’s modern, knowledge based and competitive world, the system of reservation and provisions of government grants confine people to a small corner devoid of oppertunity and scope to excell in life. “Our mission is to create a Sikkim where economic, social, political independence prevail in true sense and we need greater participations of people to that purpose”, chief minister said.

Informing that state government would provide monthly allowance of rupees 3000 per month to transgenders of Sikkim, chief minister expressed that transgenders are born because of biological faults and they also deserve respect and foundamental rights being enjoyed by other sikkimese. He maintained that drug addiction would be decriminalized in Sikkim and substance addiction would be treated as disease.

Chief minister asserted that all the development based works maintained by him during his 32 day tour would be sanctioned by 15 September of this year and demands of people would be given utmost priority by the state government.

He stressed that people should make the most out of oppertunities available in the different sectors. He added that Sikkim is growing rapidly in terms of development and fruits of progress must reach to common people. He stated that development of state is priority of state government.

Appreciating the initiatives of Srijunga Yakthung Phojumbo chief minister said that association since 38 years has worked committedly for protection and preservation of cultural heritage of limboo community. He announced that considering the demand of limboo community, a Limboo cultural hall having all necessary facilities would be established at Tharpu very soon. However he stressed for proper utilizations of community based infrastructures in the state.

Sukman Subba, president of association presenting the annual report informed that SYSP is working continuously to uplift, preserve and protect the cultural heritage of limboo community in the state.

Cultural dance competition was other attraction of the event. The association felicitated many personalities in the event for their contributions towards society.

Ministers, MLA and other dignitaries were also present in the programme.

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