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CM concludes 3-days long West visit

Simon Subba

CM concludes 3-days long West visit

CM concludes 3-days long West visit

Gyalshing, 12 April (IPR): The Chief Minister of Sikkim Shri. Pawan Chamling who is on a 32 days Sikkim Public Outreach Campaign concluded his 3rd day visit in the West District at the Rinchenpong Constituency where the joyous crowed gave him a jubilant welcome.

The Chief Minister today addressed the public regarding ‘Development’ and what it means in the truest sense. He asked the public to make use of the opportunities and the amenities given to them by the State Government. He also mentioned that the state and its people needs to understand that the governmental emoluments are given to them to increase their economic well-being and living standards making Sikkim a “Self-sustaining and Self-reliant” Society.

Shri. Pawan Chamling urged the Sikkimese society to work jointly towards the common goal of making Sikkim and themselves better in every way. He urged the public to start a ‘revolution of development’ where every citizen is conscious and is responsible for the overall development of themselves and the state. He said that the identification of any developmental opportunities and ventures which help the state and the people is the duty of every Sikkimese citizen.

He emphasized on the importance that there are no deprivation of any kind towards any community or religious practitioners in the state. He also stressed on the importance of Peace and how important it is to maintain peace and a harmonious environment which aids to all round development of a human being. Thus the government for the past years have been able to achieve such fate under all given circumstances.

While speaking on the various demands put forward by the Kaluk-Rinchenpong Constituency, Shri. Pawan Chamling assured the public that ‘Public Interest’ demands will be put forward on priority basis. He also sanctioned the up gradation of Khaneysirbong Secondary School to Senior Secondary School in the coming months. Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Parks and Garden at Rinchenpong along with the construction of the “Statue of Unity” along with other infrastructural demands like VLW Office at Deythang and Community Hall at Mangalbaria was also sanctioned by the Chief Minister. Electricity to the left out villages and areas under the Kaluk-Rinchenpong Constituency would also be set up at the earliest.

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