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Siliguri traders threatens to halt supply of exempted non-organic items

Siliguri traders threatens to halt supply of exempted non-organic items

Siliguri traders threatens to halt supply of exempted non-organic items

Siliguri, 06 April : Irked with the decision of Sikkim Government over non-organic vegetables and fruits ban wef 01 April , the major regulated market in Siliguri which attributes to nearly 40 to 45% of supply of vegetables and fruits for Sikkim is facing a crunch as their stocks are decaying since 01 April as well as the heat of ban is reportedly have affected WB farmers, labourers and the transports equally.
Speaking to The VOS one of the regulated market vendor say, we are amazed that since many decades our vegetables and fruits are consumed by people of Hills, there has been no any issues but this banning non-organic commodity all of the sudden is all about wrong decision and policy of Sikkim Govt which is hitting the people badly.
We have come to learn our Potatoes, Onions, Garlics, Pulses etc. which are exempted from Sikkim Govt lists of banned items are being transported but now we’ve decided to disallow that supply too by picketing in each market and conveying the message to our hardworking traders, vendors, wholesalers here.
Those exempted items too are grown in same non-organic field/farm , so what’s a logic behind banning rest of the items?
This is unfair , unacceptable so we have decided to halt exempted vegetables also now.

In the other hand in Sikkim at Gangtok, Lall Bazar a major vegetable market the traders have rejected to accept inadequate supply by SIMFED which is insufficient to cater the requirement of esteemed customers. Speaking to The VOS, All Sikkim Trader’s Association Vice President Lakpa Sherpa voiced that we have handed the requisition lists of organic commodities to SIMFED for the supply to nearly 300 vegetables and shopkeepers we expect by Sunday tomorrow SIMFED would bear to give our shopkeepers adequate supply of items failing to which we shall decide our course ahead.
We are not against the Organic Mission of State Govt , it is a really good step but we too cannot let our customers get anguished with very little items to sell to them.

Yet in another side the Sikkim Chamber of Commerce General Secretary Kailash Agarwal speaking to The VOS tells, state govt should find a middle path to let the people ease in this situation. The govt should have discussed with merchents, trader associations, stakeholders of essential supply prior to pressing the instant ban. Within next few more days if the if same trend would continue then there would be chaotic atmosphere for vegetables and fruits.

Without naming , in this matter one of the tourism stakeholder shares to The VOS that prevailing tourism season would scuffle badly the tourism economy if problem persisits regarding unavailability or shortage of vegetables and fruits. Last year Sikkim Tourism faced the heat of bandh along NH10 and this year this matter is doing the same thing. The ban should not effect tourism idustry , hoteliers and stakeholders running various hospitality business in the state.


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