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Milestone Achieved: IAF Dornier 288 makes a maiden landing in Pakyong Airport

Milestone Achieved : IAF Dornier 288 makes maiden landing in Pakyong Airport

Milestone Achieved: IAF Dornier 288 makes a maiden landing in Pakyong Airport

5 Mar, Pakyong : And, the finally breaking the tip of an iceberg of all speculations today “when aircraft will land?” a historic moment took place in the chapter of India’s aviation arena as well in the chapter of tiny Himalayan State Sikkim.

The landlocked state of Sikkim finally witnesses first fixed winged aircraft which today landed at Pakyong Airport located 35 Km from capital Gangtok at the table-top airport around 3:30 PM.

Dornier – 288 Aircraft last Wednesday conducted override above 20 meters from runway and also the Airport Authority of India AII carried calibration surveys past 1 week.

Despite having unpredictable weather conditions past 1 month in Sikkim as well as in Pakyong Airport due to unprecedented fog which obstructed visibility condition for making landing decision.

Today, with certain favourable weather condition the Dornier – 288 20 seater IAF Aircraft started off from Guwahti via Bagdogra (WB) soared nearly 6000 feet on Sikkim skies making a perfect landing at table-top 1.8 km runway.

The entire landing operation was joined by Cheetha Helicopter which visited Airport minutes earlier and left the Airport after aircraft took off.

The landing operation was carried with a high degree of accuracy tells Pakyong Airport first Director Sh R Manjunatha who hails from Karnataka to VOS after their discussion with crew and pilots.

Dronier 288 Taxied at Pakyong Airport Terminal Building

Dronier 288 Taxied at Pakyong Airport Terminal Building

Airport Authority of India AII Pakyong Airport General Manager Sh Gautam Biswas (IITian Kharagpur Civil Engineer) is a real man with efficient teamwork under his tendency and efforts Pakyong Airport which saw slackness earlier was energized. As construction took on tortoise speed, Sh Biswas who joined Pakyong Airport 3 years back rendered all possible way to speed up work due to which today world watched the historic moment in Indian Aviation sector.

After landing the IAF pilots and crew was fetched from taxi avenue to ATC tower office who all sat together for snacks and tea having discussions.
Later after 30 minutes of stay the aircraft left for Bagdogra majestically marking a historic impression behind.

On the other hand, speaking to Sh R Manjunatha , the director shared his happiness with every staff of his office, ground staff as well as thanked Sikkim Govt , CM , Chief Secretary of Sikkim. Air Traffic Controller ATC AGM also rejoiced the landing and take off.

He added that very soon Spicejet Passengers aircraft will also conduct landing but however didn’t mention the date.

Today’s moment was rejoiced by ample of locals, children with curiosity and galore, they have been long waiting for this day ever since Airport construction started in 2009.


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