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Sikkim Doctor Found Dead in Mysterious Way in Neotia Hospital Siliguri

21 Jan, Siliguri : In a shcoking incident reportedly took place in Siliguri West Bengal, a 34 years old Sikkim’s Dr. Sujan Pradhan working in Neotia Getwel Hospital at Uttarayon was allegedly found dead in his cabin on 20 Jan evening.The cause of death as reported by the hospital to the family side was due to an accident which family told The Voice of Sikkim correspondent. Family hurried after they were informed by a third person instead of the hospital almost after 3 hours informs family.On reaching hospital on late Saturday night hospital the family was again told by the hospital that he injected injection in his right hand and committed suicide. Deceased Dr. Sujan Pradhan hails from Sumbuk South Sikkim. Family asks how a right-handed son can inject in his own right hand?

Unclear whether it was an accident or suicide dismayed family has raised finger on the Neotia Hospital for foul play as they (family) have not received any answers to the questions which they are asking behind the death of their son Dr Sujan Pradhan.
What is truth behind the death of Dr. Sujan Pradhan is unclear for family to believe in since their deceased son Dr. Sujan Pradan was at no point to commit suicide as same day he had called back home happily and talked regarding his marriage in March two months later. According to a sister of deceased Dr.Sujan Pradhan, her brother was asking her about decoratives and design of his new flat purchased recently aat Siliguri where couple would live after a wedding in March.
Sister say, “On what basis should we blindly believe my brother who never was sad in anything or depressed could take such step ? It is a big conspiracy of hospital which we feel is hidden and hospital is taking thing simply as if a cat or dog is dead!”.

Today from morning the family friends and relatives have reached Neotia Getwel Hospital where they are demanding for justice and all questions to be replied by hospital.

Grand Mother of Deceased Dr. Sujan Pradhan asks help from Sikkim Government for Justice Delivery

Family Speaks to Media

Hospital and Dy Suptd Dr. Koushik Neotia Getwel Hospital speaks to media

Reserve Police Force Steps In After Hospital Fails to Answer Family’s Questions Over Mysterious Death of Thier Son


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