Union Minister for State HRD assures support for Sikkim

Union Minister for State HRD assures support for Sikkim

Union Minister for State HRD assures support for Sikkim

18 Feb, Gangtok (IPR) : Shri Upendra Kushwaha, Minister for State,Human Resource Development (HRD) Government of India, who is in his visit to Sikkim, chaired a meeting with the State Minister Shri R.B.Subba along with the officers of the HRDD, Government of Sikkim at the conference hall of HRDD, here in the state capital today evening.

The meeting started with the welcome address by the Minister HRDD Mr. R B Subba wherein he thanked the Minister for his visit to the state of Sikkim and said that the state feels privileged to host Shri Kushwaha. Informing the Union Minister for state about the scenario of education sector, he said that the state government has started various noble initiatives in the school curriculum like the Yoga classes, and LKG and UKG in the government schools. He also informed that the government providing free education upto college level with various scholarship schemes. Supervision regarding the cleanliness and healthy food for the school children are being monitored by the teachers and guardians along with panchayats, he added. He also informed the union minister about the recent visit of the Prime Minister of India to the state and his declaration of Sikkim as Organic Farming State.

The union minister for state was also informed in detail about the schemes and programs of State Government and CSS in all sectors through the power point presentation by the Principal Secretary HRDD Mr. G P Uphadhaya.

After patient hearing and discussion Mr. Kushwaha expressed his thankfulness to the State for the warm welcome accorded to him in the state. He also appreciated the initiatives taken by the state government for the people and also said that the activities are very impressive and inspiring in comparison to many other states of the country. He assured all the support from the Government of India for the programmes undertaken by the State Government and to meet over the challenges during the implementation of the schemes. He added that without education nothing is possible and with all the activities taken for the betterment of Education Sector wished the state for very wonderful future.

The Advisor HRDD Mr. O T Lepcha along with the Officials of HRDD from Central Government and state government, representatives from Kendriya Vidhyalaya and JNV were also present in the meeting.

The meeting concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by the Director, Higher Education Mr. Jitendra Raje.

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  • Mere visiting at official level and admiring their talk seems to be fruitless. It doesn’t bring any change in the society. Visit should be secrect and should not be welcoming and has to be visit remotest of the remote with own choice and check the reality with live. Only such view and purpose of visits may brings some changes in the society. Thanks.

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