The haunting border road ‘NH10’: Takes lives again!

The haunting border road 'NH10': Takes lives again!

The haunting border road ‘NH10’: Takes lives again!

14 Jan, Gangtok : A tiny Himalayan State Sikkim which is totally dependent on road transportation system even connects with the mainland through a road National Highway NH10 , a lifeline of Sikkim. Most important of all is that NH10 is not just a lifeline for the civilians alone but for defence also it’s strategically important link which connects to borders of India with countries like China, Nepal and Bhutan. The vital highway NH10 bleeds every now and then for improvisation, when country’s defence stardom is increasing capacity then why neglecting the main thing which is a road?
The Border Roads Organization BRO aka GREF looks after this very lifeline, but, unfortunately, the highway bleeds due to repeated natural calamities time and again. During the monsoon, even slight tremor the NH10 gets disrupted and it takes a longer time for restoration. Talking about the restoration of NH10 by BRO, it’s observed that this very organization according to survey collected from people’s viewpoint is horrible.

Widening of the Highway NH10 which was started 5 years back from mainland Siliguri to the extreme border North Sikkim is been carried in a casual way. As many portions between Siliguri via Darjeeling Hill upto Sikkim and beyond at border are left half done causing a threat to lives and escalation of bigger landslide. The magnitude of carelessness can be well seen if the higher authority physically inspects it and verifies thoroughly.
“BRO has implanted ‘Time Bomb’ along NH10 in every juncture where precise work needed to be done and road need to be strengthened, but it has left work like back cutting half way giving ample of opportunity for catastrophe to trigger any time”, says vehicle drivers and commuters.

The deadly landslide near Sikkim’s border town Rangpo in Bhoteybhir which took place on 14 January morning around 5:10 AM is the result of same negligence, the lump of sensitive terrain was left half done by BRO as such the landslide swallowed more than 4 vehicles along NH10, which took lives of 2 passengers leaving 6 seriously injured. The gravity of issue doesn’t end here similar accident took place in North Sikkim in 2014 where some teachers lost their lives when boulder crash on their car, that was also the result of BRO’s unattended back cutting work.

Not just the civilians alone are dying due to accidents happening from the result of BRO’s work but Armymen are also suffering from BRO’s work culture!
Sikkim being cornered tiny state located in high sesmic zone of Himalayan region must be thought about once again, where the rail link and airway is distant dream but the primary transportation system road link ‘The Lifeline of Sikkim’ connecting to mainland must be seriously looked upon now for people’s sake as well as for defence purpose also.


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