Sikkim Girl Gang Rape – ‘Better is ,declare Delhi as insecure and unsafe for women’

Sikkim Girl Gang Rape - 'Better is ,declare Delhi as insecure and unsafe for women'

Sikkim Girl Gang Rape – ‘Better is ,declare Delhi as insecure and unsafe for women’

15 May, Gurugram : It is just been a days of so a woman was brutally murdered after getting raped by gang of hooligans in Rohtak (Haryana) , her private parts were mutilated and decomposed body was found.
There has been several cases within this year itself regarding safety and security of women in the country’s capital Delhi, of which no any sign of development in that regard is seen following brutal Nirbhay shocking and terrifying case of Dec 16, 2012 gang-rape.
Once again Delhi shambles where a 22 years old Sikkim girl was gangraped by group of hooligans while she was on way to her residence Sector 17, Gurugram from Delhi on Saturday night. A group of hooligans bundled up her in a car and raped one after another reportedly taking her to a place called Najafgarh and and same night dumped along road at Najafgarh road. In the morning some passerby helped her to Police station nearby where she lodged FIR against hooligans.

As informed by Delhi source, one of the Police officer informed that CCTV footages of vehciles are being scanned to trace the car which was used in henious crime.
In the other side the Sikkim House Residential Commissioner in New Delhi, Sikkim State Women Commission and NGOs followed by student’s association have started drilling through the matter.
Speaking to The Voice of Sikkim, an official of Sikkim State Women Commission told that govt has contacted Gurugram Police Commissioner , govt has asked for through investigation unto the matter for not letting the hooligans escape who have committed shameful act of brutality against innocent Sikkim girl.

Today, as per source information student’s association are likely to assemble in capital to voice for justice and take a strong action against the associated hooligans who have resorted to such a shameful activity, and they tells more safety and security is needed for women in Delhi.

After the news of Sikkim Girl being gang-raped and dumped appeared in social media of The Voice of Sikkim, the world across readers have criticized the incident as well as not spared mentioning Delhi as world’s most unsafe place for Women – ‘Better is ,declare Delhi as insecure and unsafe for women’.


  • The mentality of these brutal sexual activists is really inhuman. They need to be very firmly punished.

  • Let the rapist get death penalty, why India’s mainland people’s are bad intentions towards northeast people? Northeast not a part of India? Who can stop this crime?which Govt is capable? Wheather NDA OR UPA? Where is India’s democracy? and freedom?

  • Indra Kymari Sharma

    There should be very strict law for the rapist , so that no one dare to commit it.

  • Govt of India pass a bill in next parliament sessions for compulsory death penalty for foxes rapist .In India yet no freedom for women, no democracy for females,,? Give justice to Sikkim women

  • This is a very bad news for every sikkimess living in sikkim this kind of people should be handed over to the victim family and should be allowed to give punishment according to them fuck delhi

  • Those Fuckers. May they rot in jail, may they face the same torture and pain. They shouldn’t get a chance even in Hell. They deserve worst of the tortures.

  • Abhishek chettri

    Today a girl has got raped from my homeland
    Tomorrow I will have to fear whether my sister is safe in the capital of our liberal and free nation.
    The mindset of our people is that the victim was someone’s sister or the victim was someone’s mother but we miss out the most important point that she is SOMEONE.
    Actually the problem is in our government and the mentality of the people.
    India is such a country where we can piss or shit on the road but we cannot hold hands or kiss on the road
    Why ? Because it is against our India cultural right ? If we see the Indian cultural we have the kama sutra right? I guess our nation is one of the most sexuallyactive nations in the world so why are we afraid to tour be who we are.
    The culprits of the crime were the ones we were sexually obsessed but theven society thinks it’s bad thing so they have to hide around and rape innocent girl. No oneed gives you the right to ruin someone’s future no one means no one
    Why do people rape because they are not scared of the government neither the consequences they will have to face
    Because our nation is one of a kind where people get killed for eating beef and the topic on which a case if filed is whether the meat was chicken or beef
    The right to freedom
    The right to expression
    The right to equality is just for name sake
    Till now 1000 of girls are uneducated
    the government builds schools but they don’t maintain it neither do they put any effort to get the girls educated
    The problem is not in the clothes the victim wears because India is a free democratic country it’s not under some dictator ship we can wear what we want
    The problem is in the eyes of the society
    Do we judge any models walking around in bikini ?
    But If a ordinary citizen walks around in Some bikini the whole world stares like they have never seen a girl
    People in the United States walk around showing their bosoms but in India it’s a shame
    Tell me why is it a shame
    I’m sure you have drank your mother’s milk
    It’s not like it came out from anywhere else
    So what is situated embarrassing about it ?.
    We want the culprits to get punished but we our selve don’t want to change our mindset
    India is such a country that is filled with make belief and hypocrisy
    Be the change you wanna see in the world
    You want no rapes but you don’t want to change your point of view towards women.
    Please stop crime against women because it’s not that she is someone’s mother
    She is someone’s daughter or sisters
    It’s because SHE IS SOMEONE

  • A true Indian guy

    Such a shameful act. Really disappointed to read about it. What the hell the rapists get by raping girls? All such rapists must br hanged. They are psychologically imbalanced. Why rape? If u r attracted to her, go propose her, if she e accepts thn fine, otherwise get out of her way like a gentleman.

  • Fuck India and those rapist..

  • I feel sad when I hear or read about someone being a victim of rape and this time its with the daughter of our own state Sikkim…I guess those people should be punished in such a way that would set an example n no other despo psycho would dare to rape or think of raping any girl….instead of raping a girl why dont they go n fuck each other n bury their lust….those rapist should be brought to Sikkim n handover to the people over here…..

  • Death penalty should be the only punishment for a rapist….India can never progress our become a developed country if it’s gonna take years just to announce a death penalty for a rapist or any other person at fault …Delhi should no longer be called a capital if it’s people don’t know how to show respect towards the people of its own country…

  • Revenge dose not make any different,protect yourself by making your dress up and attitude,think yourself why you are away from home each and every one,don’t make yourself filmy, because The world is in the hand of wicket (no one else can change the world )…change yourself …..

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