Sikkim CM hits back on Sikkim-Darjeeling Merger

Sikkim CM hits back on Sikkim-Darjeeling Merger

Sikkim CM hits back on Sikkim-Darjeeling Merger. In Pic Pawan Chamling (1st from Left) , SKM MLA PS Golay (2nd) and GJM Chief Bimal Gurung (3rd)

08 Oct, Gangtok : Chief Minister of Sikkim Pawan Chamling speaks up in his Facebook handle on Sikkim-Darjeeling Merger Ghost. In his statement published in official Facebook page without naming GJM Chief Bimal Gurung slams Sikkim Krantikaari Morcha SKM MLA PS Golay for inciting disharmony and to mislead innocent people by buffing Sikkim-Darjeeling Merger issue in the state of Sikkim.
Pawan Chamling writes in his handle as follows.

“On 29th March, 2011 the Sikkim Legislative Assembly adopted the following Resolution No.3 of 2011: – to ensure peace, security and development of Sikkim.
Formation of Gorkhaland State.
The Resolution was unanimously adopted and passed by the House, with all the members present except Shri PS Golay.This clearly shows that Shri Golay was not interested in the Resolution seeking the formation of a separate state of Gorkhaland and instead was inclined to support Darjeeling-Sikkim merger.
The SDF Party and the SDF Government have always and invariably maintained a clear policy and stand that Darjeeling should be a separate state by way of creation of Gorkhaland. In 22 years of our governance, we have never wavered from this avowed and firm stand of our’s.
Hence, elements like Shri PS Golay should not be trusted and believed. Such negative forces will lead you nowhere but the sale of Sikkim to Darjeeling only to fulfil their hidden agenda. Their gimmicks should not be at all heeded. The SDF Party strongly condemns the statement given by the SKM MLAs with Shri Golay as their President and the rumours being concocted to mislead the people of Sikkim.
I once again reiterate the fact that the SDF Party and the SDF Government will forever maintain the sanctity of Sikkim as a separate State with a separate and unique identity of its own. We are under no circumstances going to change our stand on this matter at all.”

In the other hand SKM MLA PS Golay writes in the Press Release to media questioning Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling’s recent Darjeeling visit and latest closeness with GJM Chief Bimal Gurung. PS Golay in release doubts on conspiracy being thriving behind the two top heavy weight political figures of hill.

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