Pharma companies polluting Environment of Himalayan and Marine life

Pharma companies polluting fresh water of Himalayan and Marine life

Pharma companies polluting  Environment of Himalayan and Marine life

24 Feb, Gangtok : The mushrooming Pharmaceutical companies established in Himalayan state of Sikkim which comprise of world renowned brands are selling their products in form of live-saving drugs and medicine supplies to world across but unfortunately at the cost of destroying the ecology of Himalayan and curtailing human health hazards.

These tourist companies which have mushroomed in this part of country in great numbers just recently under tax-holiday roof due to state government’s policy have left no stone unturned to bring an unsolicited debacle for the environment and human lives in the state of Sikkim.
As many times it has been appearing in media regarding discharge of chemical byproducts , chemical wastes downstream in the river but the voices fails to reach the deaf ears of State of Sikkim Pollution Control Board as well as State Forest and Wildlife Department. Breaching all norms one after another the pharma companies flouting all laws are seen violating Human Rights successively.

The potential threat to environment is already done as the pollutant downstream not just spoils ecology, marine , wildlife of Himalayan but also greatly hampers up to last drain Bay of Bengal Sea equally by those toxins carried by tributaries and finally the rivers.

In the other hand the pollutants discharged from pharma company units have spoilt the drinking water sources of many villages, water is become unusable and unfit for drinking eventually leaving people and children suffer from series of pollutant borne health issues.
Earning a big lump of profits in hundreds and thousands of crores these companies are playing with lives of people and destroying environment, their profoundly standing health-service brand that they make World across in health sector aka live saving category rather be applauding to for unseen consortium or board but the fact is that they are criminals if envisaged in real sense!

It is seen in maximum cases here, Pharma companies are established at very close vicinity of river in order to disseminate their chemical waste in river tactfully making stealth outlets and drains. In many occasions these companies discharge waste during the night time is reported by the locals ..

At cost of ecological disturbances, harming the lives of innocent people and children in the one hand they claim to be life savior of billion population of world, which is very much shameful and unethical way of earning profits from their unlawful production..

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  • see its true but we have to freeze this issue by educating local as well as industrial people. not only that govt. should come forward in positive manner. laws in place but requires close and effectively monitoring system. its now global problem, but yes we have to stop it right now to save our environment.

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