It’s no more Namgyal Dynasty , we will uproot old laws : KB Rai

It's no more Namgyal Dynasty , we will uproot old laws : KB Rai

It’s no more Namgyal Dynasty , we will uproot old laws : KB Rai

27 Feb, Jorethang : Most awaited moment in Sikkim Political arena finally comes to conclusion today at Jorethang, in South Sikkim when a yet another political party announced by KB Rai with name “Sikkim Republican Party” took a birth amidst huge gatherings of people and supporters. KB Rai and team who had been active since last many years under apolitical diaspora finally announced formation of SRP political party with a very different agendas.
Unmounting his strong address to massive gathering at Jorethang playground spilled a fiery attack on Sikkim Democratic Front SDF President cum CM Pawan Chamling calling him ‘fraud’ and ‘actor’ who has no any idea what’s democracy all about, he is playing with sentiments of majority communities of Sikkim for his incumbent political mileage. Chamling has deprived rights of majority communities tactfully using his autonomity and misusing machineries to all levels for his own goodwill. He has just one ambition, to retain in power as CM and continue to be in good book by hook or crooks supressing fundamental rights in democracy.

KB Rai during the address made a slew of attack after attack on Chamling over various issues including the Hydel Projects. Rai didn’t spare calling policy of ruling SDF government as ‘coupon’ politics.
Half a century has passed , still Namgyal Dynasty Laws are followed which are totally discriminatory and unjust. Sikkim is no longer a Kingdom, it is one of the state of India and Namgyal Dynasty Old Laws don’t go along with democratic principle of constitution of India. The old laws needs to be thrown away as such everyone’s are justified equally , then only real democracy will come in Sikkim. Once our government will come the first and foremost thing we will do is scrapping old laws completely that which has been creating hindrance and inequality for the majority communities.

The seat reservation system is plagued with non-uniformity based on old law, 18% of BL (Bhutia Lepcha) community population shares 12 seats but 15% LT (Limboo Tamang) community are left with 5 seats only , and so on. Where is the uniformity here? Is seat reservation being done appropriately and constitutionally on the basis of population?, Rai strongly objected!
Monogamy Revenue Order No.1 which is integral part of old law of Namgyal Dynasty will also be scrapped that curtails buying and selling land equally by all communities. We will ensure removing Bhutia names of lakes, mountains which is unfair and it demonstrates the Sikkim’s nature only belongs to one particular community, and second to none. All have equal rights in democracy, same apply for the nature which doesn’t belong to certain section or community , all have equal right to worship with earnest faith and dignity in democracy.


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  • Such is the plight of our state now. Everyone wants to be the leader. You should first understand what it is, that the people need. Not what you need. Politics is not about caste and race and religion. Its about working for the people. We need change…Agreed! But if this is the kind of leaders we’re looking at. I’d rather stay home than waste my vote.

  • Good Work! Keep it up! Your speech had been the silent echoes in the hearts of people since long time. Now I believe it has found a voice.
    1. Why are the majority in sikkim not allowed to purchase BL land?
    2. How Tibetans get SSC and Nepalese got left out?
    3. How come the vote share representation on State Assembly is biased towards one community?
    4. How come most of the top ranks in State Government Departments are Bhutias alone?

  • We don’t need drama we need progress, employment, awakening. This party needs serious work for own development left alone the development of state, enough of this. Politics is dead and we the people of Sikkim have to be more intellectually advance and vote for development. Need fresh people with progressive ideas, a new party for real hope and betterment for all.

  • Kb rai is another lets not waste our time inhim

  • This ignorant fool is unaware of the fact that his survival is based on the Old Laws of the erstwhile Kingdom of Sikkim. I challenge him withstand the might and the vastness of the Indian Union without the Sikkimese identity.
    Outside Sikkim this nincompoop is a just another Gorkha (darwan). The privileges endowed to Sikkim as articulated in the Article 371 f of the Constitution of India is protecting us all. We need not look far, take a glimpse at Darjeeling, Kalimpong etc, do you think we stand an iota a chance ….

  • kb rai you are a fucking fool…we need development and peace in sikkim not strikes and racism..this is not darjelling or kalimpong where people fight without any reason..

  • Good job

  • Fuck off

  • Married daughters of sikkim to nonlocal who are a permanent resident of sikkim since birth must get her equal rights as men enjoys. Daughters married to a non locals are not asking domicile for our husband neither interested in that but we want govt. to recognise our identity. We want our rights back.

  • This party seems to be influenced so much by America ….republican…lol,….are you trying to create communal disharmony in Sikkim…do you want to rename tsomgo lake as Sushma Subba lake or something Rai lake ..go back to Nepal 🇳🇵 K.b Rai and search your identity there somewhere is in limbuwan or khambuwan…..


  • Tnk to Mr kb rai for revolution of sikkimes people n to revival of Sikkim govt n we full pledge support To Birth of newleader of Sikkim

  • Tnk to Mr kb rai for revolution of sikkimes people n to revival of Sikkim govt n we full pledge support To Birth of newleader of Sikkithe Saturdaysm

  • we need good leader like p s goly

  • We want politics of development not division. Pl spare sikkim .

  • k b rai and chimling chief minister fucker politicine

  • coming election 2019 chimling lose

  • we are support only p s goly

  • All the best kb rai

  • K. B Rai..Do u think sikkimise ppl r fools.U r d biggest idiot 2 think that this strategy will make u C. M
    Such a desperate move.

  • i can understand the reservation thing, i can understand about unjust, but why would you want to remove names of lakes and mountains which are already named, that is simply hypocrisy.

  • i jus read all the comments and its really hilarious, i so want to reply to some of the comments above like the one sayn, why majority in sikkim are not allowed to purchase land of BL?, well i guess bro/sis, you should go read the law about land rights, its not only sikkim, all states especially northeastern.
    Another ques, How come most of the top ranks in State Government Departments are Bhutias alone?
    you know what you should do? you should do the statistical report about this issue and tell us about the caste in all department.
    O yes, the married daughters of sikkim, now any married daughters of west bengal looking at this, please tell them about your rights. please do. and yes bidan rai bro, we should thank Sir. K.B Rai, thank him when he roots out peace from sikkim, mind you i am not saying he is wrong or he is right, i am only saying, do you like banana or pineapple. tckr people.. i will not fight if its just.. but if it becomes unjust, mind you, i have played call of duty. peace to all.

  • We need leader like R.B.Subba….neither Golay nor chamling or K.B.Rai.

  • yes yes we need.. from tomorrow i am gone tell my landlord that i want his house to be named mine, he will have to agree, since i have been living here since very very long time. if not its revolution, Everyone support me. i want just. um um.

  • and i would like to thank voice of sikkim for bringing us this news, this article. Thank you voice of sikkim, you know, you and i are quite the same, you and i could get along very well, we both agree to disagree. cheers to that.. PARTY garnu parcha abo( lets PARTY now?) abo tesma pani politics cha (now there is politics in that too) haha too much of talking politics made me think like a politicial, totally wicked.. i think i will join politics too, form a new party and it will be named, LALCS , and u knw what the full form for LALCS is…. yes you guessed it right, lau abo lali pop chu sa ( u can suck lolipop)

  • Tashi Namgyal Bhutia

    Politics without principle..
    Grown up Mr K.B Rai…he was talking about equality, democracy,justice..but the point is speech he addressed on 27th Feb are totally communism against B/L Community ..people especially Lepcha whom are believed to be the original settlers of Sikkim,arriving here sometime in the thirteenth century and sometime in the fourteen century the Bhutias (which is the Nepalise word for of ‘Bhot’as Tibet was called ),migrated to Sikkim.
    Coming to point he was talking about seat reservation system ,Monogamy Revenue and removing name of lakes,mountain.
    Let me clear you and all your supporters that Sikkim is no longer a Kingdom, it is one of the state of India and Namgyal Dynasty Old Laws don’t go along with democratic principle of constitution of India, yes it is true..I agreed..but we live in the present ,can change the future but past never..go back to Sikkim history Mr K.B Rai…
    Every action there is a reaction..whatever the today status of Sikkim is a reaction of people who served the state a centuries ago..Ist not only in Sikkim but all over India..World..
    Come with a true principle not with with communism Mr K.B Rai..Ur principle is directly against B/L Community which is 24% of the state innocent population..where is equality..justice ..right.
    Dont play divide and rule policy…

  • Future generation of sikkim

    Yes, revolution is required not on the basis of casteism,religion,races, but on the besis on equality, brotherhood. Every member of Sikkim wants equality in each n every field.Most of high post in Sikkim occupied by a particular cast why any one can give this answer? We feel proud to be Sikkimese? I think few elite group of people of Sikkim are playing playing with common people of Sikkim…..

  • Give complete rights to a sikkemese daughters who marries to a non local women’s right to choose is abused in our state. If you want to uproot old laws than first think of this otherwise you will be counted as hypocrites and a selfish fox…

  • Tashi tshering lepcha

    Lepchas are worst hit by this tribal land act we cannot even sell our land at desired price. Bhutias pay less for our land and because of this kind of law we are forced to sell our lands in a lowset price. Lepchas are still poor and bhutias are more richer and bhutias have accumulated many lepcha land in a cheap price. So I do not mean bhutias are bad but it is a nature of law which are making us poor to poorer.

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