Gov will not compromise on people’s health : CM

Gov will not compromise on people's health : CM

Gov will not compromise on people’s health : CM

29 Dec, Gangtok (IPR) : The Chief Minister Mr. Pawan Chamling Chaired an interactive meeting with the Health Care Human Services and family welfare Department at Manan Kendra, here in the state capital, today. 

The programme started with the welcome addressed by the Secretary cum Director General, Health Care Human Services and family welfare Department Mr. Kumar Bhandari with his brief report on the achievements, developments and grievances of the department.

The Chief Minister after giving a patient hearing to the suggestions and grievances put forth by the medical fraternity assured to work for the betterment of the medical fraternity of the state. In the same lines he expected that the medical fraternity works in tandem with the government for the benefit of the people of the state. Doctors are regarded as next to God, he said and added that it should be proved by the Doctors through their activities. The Chief Minister said that the government will not compromise on the health of the people and will take all required steps to facilitate the medical fraternity in the larger interest of the people. Addressing to the doctors and nurses he said that there should be a cordial and humane relationship from doctors and nurses towards their patients and the life will be only meaningful when we work uptil the satisfaction of others. The Chief Minister recollected the Oath taken by the Doctors and Nurses and suggested them to  concentrate in the village and rural areas so that the poor people from far flung areas would be benefited through their service. He also suggested working in coordination with their respective faculties as a one family and with an effective team work for taking the health sector of the state to higher standards. At the same time the Chief Minster also congratulated and thanked the department for giving good service and wish for more achievement in the near future. For this purpose one should be very much skillful in their respective profession, he said. During the meeting the Chief Minister directed the department to adopt awareness measures through multimedia techniques for the benefit of the people about the various programmes of the governments and healthy habits. The chief Minister directed to keep all hospitals and health centers neat and clean and also suggested to give a good treatment and advice to the patient at the time of their visit. He also directed the Secretary and his team of officials to prepare a quick proposal of all necessity of technological and skill manpower for the Super Specialty Hospital which should be functional from the year 2016. He also informed that he will visit Super Specialty Hospital shortly to look after the progress of the project.

During his address the Minister Health Care Human Services and family welfare Department

 Mr. A.K Ghatani thanked the Chief Minister for giving an opportunity of direct interaction among all the officers and staffs of the department. He informed that the department is developing in all aspects of pro people human services under the visionary guidance of the Chief Minister. He also informed that the state health services are developing in all sectors i.e in infrastructure, technology, skilled manpower and medication etc. He also informed about the establishment of various wards in various hospital and steps taken by the department for blocking diseases from outsides of the state. He assured the Chief Minister that the department is working with utmost dedication and responsibility for the benefit of the state and its people.


  • It has always been said and it will always be only in words; from head to tongue. Health Deptt of Sikkim lacks in every area of providing basic health facility and right to Health, where pregnant women died because they don’t have treatment of Hep E in STNM hospital and many have died by TB and other Viral diseases.
    Where Deptt don’t have a data of anything, Hep B vaccine is given to those who can pay, what about people who are in prison, children and those who cannot afford vaccine.
    People are dying from Viral Hepatitis and STNM doesn’t have testing facility and treatment is just another dream. People are denied for referrals and treatment because they are poor or either they don’t have Sikkim Subject or Govt. Is just ignorant or they don’t have proper budget discussion or they don’t have data.
    I just wonder weather health Deptt do have health policy or not that is another big question.
    Health policy and Data is very necessary to understand the Health problem and make health as one of priority.
    Anyways after reading your news content, responsible people of Deptt and leader have just said what they have to say but they have no Idea what they are suppose to talk about.
    This meeting was just conducted for the themselves only, where is civil society, NGOs, stakeholders, CBOs and people who are working in field of health.
    Do they have shown data of death that how many people have died from TB, Cancer, Hep A, B, C, D and E, and from its related health death and how many people are living are still in treatment but they will definitely announce there successful stories.
    I hope people will understand and demand their health rights.

  • coughing all the time.

    I applaud the Good work of the Government.. However please lend a ear..

    When the town is reeling under dust,
    Where the children are coughing and crying,
    I ask where is the MODERN MARVEL,
    that was seen doing its round a few years back, sweeping up all the dust along the road.

    The Elected Representatives of GANGTOK,
    What are you waiting for?
    Take out the machine and remove the dust…
    At least try..
    Have you lost touch with the DUSTY AREA,
    zooming around in your SUV’s don’t be so COY.

    What are you waiting for…..ORDERS
    to work for the PEOPLE.


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