Exploring Sikkim’s Bird Watching Avenue for Global Promotion

Exploring Sikkim's Bird Watching Avenue for Global Promotion

Exploring Sikkim’s Bird Watching Avenue for Global Promotion

07 Sep,Gangtok : A most popular Mangaldeep Resort and Travels in an association with Wandervogel Adventures of Kolkata organised the Nature Photography “Bird Trial in Sikkim” Tour in East Sikkim from 04th to 07th Sep.

Link : https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1137953746297453&id=392307640862071

Main aim and objective of this programme was to promote off-beat destinations of Sikkim throughout the World.
In this tour 36 Nature Photographers took participation hailing from several states of India.

Important Birding places they visited Rongli riverside, Lingtam, Kew Khola, Nimachen, Phadamchen, Zuluk, Thambi view point, Lungthung, Gnathang Valley and Kupup village.
Specially they have found Himalayan Monal, Blood peasants, Halesi, Kalish, Himalayan Brown Ghoral, Himalayan Forest Thrush, Black throated Sunbird, Mrs Gould’s Sunbird , Golden -naped Finch etc.

They also found different varieties of Butterflies, Spiders and Snakes too.

One may be known that the rich Himalayan Bio Diversity is home of ample of flora and fauna those which is Unexplored and probably the world doesn’t know, one can find different types of Mammals like Moupins, Pangolin, Siberial Weasel, Himalayan Serow, Yellow-throated Marten White bellied Musk Deer Wild Beer, Himalayan Red Panda, Himalayan Niventer, Himalayan Brown Ghoral, Gray Giant Flying Squirrels etc. in Pangolakha Wild Life Sanctuary.

The whole tour was fascinating with in-depth time for nature lovers and photographers to capture mesmerizing ecosystem and creatures, said Shri Dilip Pradhan to VOS who is Managing Director of Mangaldeep Tours and Travels, Aritar.

Speaking to VOS he adds up, that this mission was very much successful and further he will carry ahead.

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