Cracker Banned : But, what about 365 days of Industrial Pollution ?

Sanjay Agarwal

Cracker Banned : But, what about 365 days of Industrial Pollution ?

Cracker Banned : But, what about 365 days of Industrial Pollution ?

02 Nov, Gangtok : Moreover it should be state of Sikkim during the festival time of Diwali to have ‘Banned’ use of crackers throughout the state. State machinery were seen in full form on road with banners, phamplets, place cards demonstrating with a message “Ban Crackers”.
No offence, common public was seen frustrated as they could just manage to cherish festive mood but authoritative impulse paved their 2 day long Diwali happiness in dismay. The children who are more attracted towards fireworks guided by their parents as usually it happens across Sikkim , children’s too had to cut-short their happiness.
In totality the Diwali was unexceptional when VOS carried survey and collected data from Social Media page to know how people celebrated, they reacts differently.

The major question which was asked by people was quite embarrassing as what proactive measure has state authority done to curtail industrial pollution and environmental health and safety related things which have been scaring elderly people, patients, children everyday in Sikkim along the industrial belt and areas. Imposing ban on using of crackers mere for two days of celebration that too using in very less volume doesn’t make a sense compared to tantamount pollution being done by several hundreds of industries in Sikkim. Does authority have something to say on this major issue of pollution carried by industries 356 days ?

Aggrieved people have their own point of view on imposing ban on crackers this Diwali but majority of critics, intellectuals were seen in countering state negligence also in terms of their duty to question industries rooted since decades in state of Sikkim.

It’s definitely a rational debate either pitched from people’s side, slowly and steadily tip of ice berg has started showing off some reactions from all edges, that what is now a burning topic of discussion seen in social media. Question looms, why to us for 2 days ?, and why not them who do 365 days pollution in a large extent ?

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