Cleaner Sikkim : ‘Selfie with Garbage’

Cleaner Sikkim : 'Selfie with Garbage'

Cleaner Sikkim : ‘Selfie with Garbage’ (File Photo)

05 Oct, Gangtok (IPR) : The Rural Management & Development Department, Government of Sikkim, in its endeavor to promote and propagate the aspects of sanitation and cleaner Sikkim is launching a series of interventions during the month of October 2015 as a part of the National Sanitation Campaign which commenced on the 25th of September and will conclude on the 31st of October 2015. The objective of the state level interventions is to reach out effectively to all sections of the society and involve them to make Sikkim cleaner in terms of sanitation, hygiene and to discourage people from Open Defecation and littering.
The Department called a press conference today to inform about the National Sanitation Campaign.
The interventions that would be conducted during the month are as under –
1.Point –Counter Point: This is a state level sanitation and solid waste management debate competition for college students across Sikkim targeting colleges of rural and semi urban districts of Sikkim. The objective of the debate competition is to inspire them to start thinking and talking about the possibilities of India realizing the vision of the Prime Minister to make India a Swachh Country by the year 2019. The district level debate for South District and West District will be conducted at SIRD, Karfectar on the 14th of October 2015 and the district level debate for East and North District will be held at Himalayan Pharmacy, Institute, Rangpo on the 16th of October 2015. The grand finale will be conducted at Chintan Bhawan on the 31st of October 2015. The district level competitions for South and West is organized by State Institute of Rural Development Department and for East and North organized by 24hours Inspired.

2. Selfie with Garbage: This is a state level unique intervention which is inspired towards encouraging people to be the change they want to see in their surroundings. Going by the craze of selfies, the idea is to encourage people to click selfies with garbage that they see in their surroundings, click a selfie with garbage, clean up the place and click another selfie with the place cleaned. The objective is to provide people hands on opportunity to become change agents in their respective areas and also to win attractive prizes by competing to become the best selfie person. The competition is online and the last date for submission of selfies is 22nd October 2015.
3. Walk the Talk Loud: This is Sikkim’s first walkathon competition where participants are invited to compete with each other and through the competition spread the message of Swachh Sikkim and Swachh Bharat. The competition will be conducted on a 3 kms for college and school students and 1 km for general public with a request to even senior citizens to participate and encourage us. The walkathon will be conducted on the 30th of October 2015. Attractive prizes would be given away to the winners.

4. Money from Waste, You Sell we Pay: This is another unique intervention where the Department is encouraging young students in schools to bring in their creatives made out of waste to Gangtok on the 31st of October 2015 and sell it to common people. The department will top up the sale process by handsomely awarding upon the final amount that they sell by evening. The objective of the intervention is to inspire young minds to start looking at opportunities of sustainability through waste in the years to come for them. The last date for submission of entries by the schools is 27th October 2015.

5. Inter School Slogan Writing Competition: An interschool slogan writing competition was held on the 25th of September 2015 during the kickoff of the National Sanitation Campaign program. Students from 13 schools across Gangtok participated in the competition where a total of 150+ creative slogans were submitted. The department has finalized on the top 16 slogans of which the final three slogans would win prizes from the department on the 31st of October 2015. The finalized slogans will also be displayed on MG Marg on the 31st of October for general public awareness.
6. Workshops for Religious Heads: Understanding and appreciating the positive impact that religious communities and spiritual heads have over people, the Department is conducting a Workshop for Religious Heads on the 27th of October. Religious heads are potentially viable positive change agents in the process of sanitation and their discourse plays a very pivotal role in changing people towards further betterment of the society. The workshop is being coordinated by Kanchandzonga Conservation Committee (KCC), Yuksam.
7. Elocution Competition: The offices of the ADC’s (Development) across four districts have been extremely enthusiastic about the engagements in their respective districts. To bring about more awareness and to further emphasize on the aspects of Sanitation, a state level elocution competition is going on in the districts with the finals of the same on the 31st of October 2015. All events in the districts are being headed by the ADCs.
8. Grand Finale: The grand finale of the competition will culminate on the 31st of October 2015 where final competitions of elocution and point counter point will take place and also prize distribution ceremonies will be done to the winners of the various competitions. Also, the poster display and the Money from Waste – You Sell, We Pay competition will be held simultaneously at MG Marg on the 31st of October 2015.
9. Community Cleanliness Drives: With a mission to make India Clean by October 2nd 2019, progressive cleanliness drives have been going on in the communities and the time period between 25th of September 2015 – 31st October 2015 will see more voluntary participation by communities across districts

10. National Sanitation Campaign Whattsap Videos : As a part of the reaching out program, the Rural Management & Development Department, a series of videos relating to sanitation and related aspects are exclusively made for Whattsap which would be circulated to general people of Sikkim through the month. This is a first of its kind campaign where we are targeting the smart phone users to become more aware on Sanitation and spread the awareness campaign.

The month long intervention is managed on the grounds by 24hours Inspired at state level.
Responding to questions put forth by the media, Secretary RM&DD Mr D.R. Nepal informed that the objective of the campaign was to create awareness and bring about behavioural change among the people. He maintained that the people of Sikkim are bound by socio-cultural ethos and instances of open defecation is almost negligible. He added that the Department is committed to ensure that the one-off instances of open defecation is intervened into. He further informed that the people of Sikkim residing in the rural parts have responded extremely well to the programmes on sanitation. He added that the toilets built by the department are fully functional.
Speaking about the National Sanitation Campaign currently underway in the state, the Secretary informed that the department has introduced innovative programmes to bring about the much needed behavioural change in people. He appealed to the media fraternity to support the department in the Campaign. He stated that the department has launched a multi-pronged intervention on sanitation. He however said that students have been the prime focus of this campaign. It was also informed that while the department has penetrated schools far and wide, intervention at the college level has been inadequate. This gap would be fulfilled during the present Campaign, it was informed.
The Secretary along with Additional Secretary and Deputy Secretary RM&DD also released posters for the Campaign. Similarly Whatsapp videos were also launched during the press conference.

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