Bloodshed attack on Sikkim students by miscreants in Chandigarh

Bloodshed attack on Sikkim students by miscreants in Chandigarh

Bloodshed attack on Sikkim students by miscreants in Chandigarh

16 Dec, Gangtok : A fresh report of brutal bloodshed attack on several Sikkim students studying in ITFT College at Chandigarh is reported. According to the Sikkim student’s representative from Chandigarh (Sikkim Student’s Welfare Association of Chandigarh) told that while more then 30-40 Sikkim students were returning back to room from college around 5:10 – 5:20 PM in evening of 15 Dec massive numbers of miscreants stopped bus at Khuda Ali Sher Bus Stand and started throwing stones, bricks on Sikkim students. The miscreants even used sharp weapon and rods to causing deep injuries to several students in the bus. More than 30 students got severely injured who are being taken to hospital and other students who flee are yet to be traced, as they also faced severe attacks. We are trying to communicate those missing students also said Sikkim student’s representative.

Intervening night Sikkim Student’s Welfare Association of Chandigarh has lodged FIR against the culprits at Sector 11 Police Station.

Stones, Bricks , Sharp Wepons and even Rods were used to beat Sikkim Students by Miscreants

Stones, Bricks , Sharp Wepons and even Rods were used to beat Sikkim Students by Miscreants

Following the matter, media associate Veergorkha of Himachal when contacted SHO Sector 11 Narendra Singh, SHO told media associate “There is nothing to panic or get frightened, , we are here. The brawl of today is connected to an unresolved dispute that arose some day back in ITFT college. Since incident has taken place within the purview of Punjab inside their border, it do not fall under our jurisdiction ; however, we have registered FIR against the culprits and we shall arrest them. Few students have suffered injuries after medical examination and treatment have sent them to their dwelling. We have taken up this matter very seriously.

The cause of the incident as narrated by Sikkim Student’s Welfare Association General Secretary Sujendra Rai, told that few days back the some group purportedly circulated a video containing beating Sikkim students mercilessly, the video was created to spark agitation once again by those group of Himachal students. We even wrote complaint letter naming some students associated with circulating of video to the Principal in that regard unfortunately he also took no interest for our safety or serious note of the matter. Principal directed us to fight outside college gate not within campus area. That which has now made every Sikkim students unsafe here, we immediately need Sikkim Government to take up this matter for safety of our students studying in Chandigarh.

More details awaited in this matter..


  • how it started???
    9 Dec. the first day of exam in the college….
    on that day some boys 3rd sem.from sikkim had some kind of misunderstandings between h.p. boys…
    but after college when sikkimese boys were getting out of college compound some guys (hired by hp boys) were waiting outside the gate with Rod,stick etc. as the boys from sikkim got out from the gate they were attacked….
    sikkim boys were less in no. as compared to hp boys…
    so they got bitten up very badly…
    Nd one of the games teacher of our college had recorded the incident where sikkimese boys were badly bitten up….
    after that video was leaked socially…
    we were ready to compromise…
    but when the seniors came to know about the video clip they wanted to talk to that teacher…
    so we had a meeting nd on 15 Dec. they went to college….but that sir was not ready to face the students…
    but hp guys were already present out there…
    with their stuff as before…
    Nd they tried to criticize us….
    so what then sikkimese boys got wild….
    the incident took place inside the college gate…
    as the hired guys of hp were present outside the gate….
    they were not allowed to enter…
    after that cops came nd sent all hp students at first….
    but they waited the bus in which sikkimese boys were coming at the bus stop at khudka Ali bus stop….
    and as the bus arrived they surrounded the bus and attacked….
    locals were also involved….

  • lesson is you should be strong as locals. I have seen boys from Gangtok getting a beating in SMIT….now the HP boys got the local guys and thrashed you guys…why dont you guys do the same in SMIT…if an outsider attacks you in college, go out, get some boys and beat the shit of the outsiders.

  • #proudnortheastern #yes,i'mchinky

    Seriously!!!! Stop the discrimination already…we belong to the same country. Many people from H.P is also surviving in Northest India and vice versa. Seriously this is disgusting what is that we can do to get some humanness in Indians

  • It is all because of the bullshit Kazi Lhendup Dorjee

  • ITFT College management is to be blamed. why didnt they took any pre emptive action to nip the problem in the bud.Their principal is a gadha and so is entire management. Entry of thieves like gulshan sharma and his dopey son should be banned in sikkim.

  • This is a very SHAMEFUL act. You are all educated DONKEYS, stop discriminating and keep one thing in mind, all are Indians.
    Think of your parents hard earned money, they are wasting on you for your bright future, you are just making your parents future dark by getting killed in all these altercations.

    If you can not do anything good for yourself, for society, stand up – go to border to fight the enemy and get killed proudly.

  • My comment is not for anyone specific but for all students who indulged in these acts.
    NO HP, NO Sikkim, I am an Indian.

  • To go n fight in border is not an easy job , such kind of stuffs(streat fighters) are not eligible in any ground

  • I am from Chandigarh and have stayed in Sikkim for 3 years.
    In both the places I have never seen such actions taking place.
    However such a shameful act has occurred and I feel the people of Chandigarh need to stand up and ensure that nobody feels threatened or discriminated against.

  • 5 Sikkim boys and 100’s of hp boys ..haha coward come one on one

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