Black Money : Serious complaint against Cipla Ltd Sikkim HR Head

Sanjay Agarwal and Dipak Gurung

Black Money : Serious complaint against Cipal Ltd Sikkim HR Head

Black Money : Serious complaint against Cipla Ltd Sikkim HR Head

28 Nov, Rangpo : A first case of Black Money conversion is reported from the industrial hub region of Sikkim at Rangpo. The renowned Cipal Ltd Sikkim unit located at Kumrek , a Human Resource Head (HR) Anil Singh is alleged to have pressured three of his company labor contractors for depositing his unaccounted huge cash in their bank current accounts, or in their wives account. The telephonic conversation between Singh and labour contractor of which reportedly took place on 12 Nov was recorded. Singh also offers them handsome reward for doing so.
Singh continuously pressured the three contractors to deposit his cash even by summoning them in his Cipla office chamber on 24 Nov misusing power of position as company HR head, narrates three contractors to VOS. In case they fails to deposit his cash then he threatens not to renew their labour contract work period after April 2017.
The three contractors on 28 Nov presented the recorded CD along with written complaint against Singh to Sikkim Vigilance Police at Rangpo. They told VOS that whatever be consequence they will never commit such anti-national work at any cost deceiving the Prime Minister’s nobel work of demonetisation and conversion of black money to white.
Recall few days back Sikkim govt notified the people of Sikkim referring ‘Sikkimese’ from misusing power of IT Exemption to convert ‘Non-Sikkimese’ money into white or lending bank accounts to deposite such cash.Same was also notified by Centre in case such incident takes place then one must face a serious consequence as per the rule.
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