Bimal cracks Best Joke of 2015 with ‘Sikkim -Darjeeling’ merger

Bimal cracks Best Joke of 2015 with 'Sikkim -Darjeeling' merger

Bimal cracks Best Joke of 2015 with ‘Sikkim -Darjeeling’ merger. Pic HimDarpan

08 Oct, Gangtok : Gorkha Janmukti Morcha GJM Chief Bimal Gurung addressing the gathering at Darjeeling during 9th GJM Foundation day made an announcement, last and final way to find solution for long pending demand of Gorkhaland is merging Sikkim and Darjeeling. He told that for that he would apprise Union Govt and Sikkim Govt, in case Gorkhaland demand is not fulfilled!
Recalling the history page he asserted that once upon a time the Darjeeling was part of the Sikkim, that which makes the matter more prominent for merger. That is the final option if the demand of Gorkhaland is not fulfilled, he announced.
Continuing his speech he told “If Sikkim govt will agree to this plan, I am hopeful they will agree. I will have talk to Sikkim Govt in this matter”.

In other side at Sikkim as the story published in social media a massive uproar was immediately observed hitting the statement of Gurung from left and right from massive readers across Sikkim state.
What readers wrote , ‘Gurung cracks joke of the Millennium’, some wrote ‘Hawa Meethai’ (Sweet Made of Air), ‘Best Joke of 2015’ etc.
The merger ghost has been scrapped already by the total population of Sikkim, various political parties have termed as garbage topic to discuss on which is next to impossible etc.


  • don’t see anything funnier in this context. . . . yet the merger does seem more realistic and could address the plight of the hill people once for all if some sort of agreement come into formation. . . .

  • sikkim is a saprate state we sikkimes are not demanding GL so plez dont play politics with innocent people.

  • Nepalis were never the original inhabitants of Sikkim.just because now you are better off because your ancestors migrated to Sikkim doesnt mean that you cannot accept your own brothers and sisters.This disunity and selfish attitude of Nepali people will always lead to their downfall.

  • haha joke of the century.. from now on whenever i feel sad i will read this and laugh…

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