All Apologies : Sikkim can do better next time,

Bonita Rai 

All Apologies : Sikkim can do better next time

All Apologies : Sikkim can do better next time

14 Nov , Gangtok : Tiny Himalayan State Sikkim which added another feather to its cap recently by organising the 4th INAS Award Function at Manan Kendra which was attended by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling and other distinguished guests and film stars from Nepal as well. INAS Award Function is an attempt to bring all the Nepali movie lovers and actors together at one platform to learn and inspire each other at multiple levels. It is just a four year baby learning to walk for a good cause and Sikkim was honoured to host its function this year. After the success of the event there seem to have been a negative wave swirling in the media of Nepal. First reported allegedly dissatisfaction and humiliation faced by Nepali superstar Karishmaa Manandhar. To which she herself clarified her statement in her facebook status which read:

“I saw this .. its not true infact Sikkim is very beautiful place,its similar to nepal.Green forest,high hills,clean environment and very friendly people.I really love and respect the people of sikkim.And defenetly want to visit and spend a quality of time coz sikkim is really peace and beautiful.I really love sikkim. and also sikkim government did their best to make it good .I am just criticizing about the poor management who organize the Award.Being a senior artist if we didn’t point out the mistake than how they will´t it??✌? thanks”

She has a positive outlook towards the State of Sikkim but she still seems unhappy about the management which can be and should be rectified in near future. Another source has come to the forefront to shed new light to the issue. Nepali star Deepakraj is blaming not the organisers but the team responsible for their travel arrangements from Nepal to Sikkim. With Nepali media reports it is clear that there have been mistakes in one or the other part of the total package of the function but it is also clear that Sikkim Government and the State had nothing to do with it. Guests of Sikkim are treated with utmost respect and they are provided with all the necessary help one can manage. It is a learning lesson for all and to avoid complication in near future INAS should have a facility of grievance cell or feedback portal where participants can directly address their concern without soiling the face of innocent bystanders.

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  • Congratulations to all Sikkimese people for a great successful of the event INAS it is our initial stage don’t worry one day we will be at the top.

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