Ad-hoc SCA committee founded ; Key decisions taken

Ad-hoc SCA committee founded ; Key decisions taken

Ad-hoc SCA committee founded ; Key decisions taken

04 Nov, Gangtok : A special meeting of Sikkim Cricket Association (SCA) took place at Hotel Sonam Delek Gangtok today. The meeting was attended by the founder members, senior players, coaches and the Cricket Clubs of Sikkim.
The Meeting was called by the four members Ad-hoc Committee of SCA Mr. Aswin Oberai, Mr. Naresh Agrarwal,Mr. Namgyal kazi & Mr. Lobsang Tenzing to discuss and take decisions on various issues related to Sikkim cricket. Some of the very important decision was pass unanimously by today’s house. The most important decision were membership and voting rights of the senior cricket players, coaches & registered cricket clubs of SCA. It is decided by the house to give voting rights to eight senior cricket players two from each district of Sikkim. Eight names is been submitted by the players to the Ad-hoc Committee. Three of the state cricket coach Mr.Sonam Palden Bhutia, Amos Lepcha & Som Teshring lepcha all Government employees have withdraw their names from the voting rights following the state Government notification which does not permit government employees to take part or hold a post on Non Governmental Organization (NGO’S).
The players requested to Ad-hoc committee not to include the founder members & executive members to Give voting rights, who are Government Employees. As players demanded to impose same rules for every member of the associations. Four member Ad-hoc committee all founder members of (SCA) apologizes and solely blame the former executive body for none functioning and down fall of the cricket in Sikkim.
The finiancial status and account of the SCA was also discussed, but due to the absence of the former treasurer account of the association was unable to discuss by the house. The jubilant cricket players of Sikkim have express their gratitude to the Ad-hoc committee and all founder members for accepting their demand of voting and membership right in Sikkim Cricket Association.The next meeting will be called soon by the ad-hoc committee to declared the date if the election.


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