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Fake SSC/COI Case : Next Hearing Slated on 22 March

Fake SSC/COI Case : Next Hearing Slated on 22 March

Fake SSC/COI Case : Next Hearing Slated on 22 March

Gangtok, 22 Feb : The stakeholders for the betterment of Sikkim and Sikkimese people and future generation of Sikkimese children attended the hearing over the vital case in Sikkim High Court which according to the one of the stakeholder Mr. Tseten Tashi Bhutia is between Biraj Adhikari vs State concerning the 31,180 (Thirty One Thousand One Hundred and Eighty) duplicate Sikkim Subject Holders / Certification of Identity COI living in state.
According to Bhutia the matter is a grave concern for state as well as for the future generation, an illegal people bearing duplicate SSC/COI was first presented by State Government but the state has yet to take action which they have failed to do so even after long years have passed since case was admitted in State High Court.

Speaking to TVOS, Bhutia tells that in year-end of 2018 the Court had directed to constitute a committee regarding filtering of the illegal holders following which a Sen Gupta committee was constituted.
However, after months in today’s attendance at HIgh Court we were told that report indeed was submitted but ironically 7000 out of 31,180 illegal holders did not turn on despite authority (DC) sent them notice neither 7000 have attended Gram Sabha. It is really shameful why state is keeping illegal 31,180 illegal SSC/COI holders in anvil, it must have cancelled immediately. Bhutia informs the next hearing is slated on 22 March 2019.

On 31 Jan 2019 this year Election Commission of India ECI has released voters lists of Sikkim, here astonishingly it is observed that 18% voters hike, this hike is above normal which usually is observed 5% to 6%. The surge in 18% voters in the electoral list is more than even average, it indicates this is a dangerous indication for the Sikkim and Sikkimese in future, this is ‘red signal’.
Bhutia also mentions that latest Citizenship Amendment Bill is lying pending in Rajya Sabha , our state MPs have shown support to that amendment but the larger population of Sikkim hasn’t accepted it!
Stakeholder Tseten Tashi Bhutia questioned notification of Welfare Dept regarding issuing of ST/SC to the outside state citizens by our state. The said notification was discarded for implementation by then Chief Minister Late NB Bhandari, he was true son of soil who understood the said notification will do great damage to Sikkim’s future generation but the present government did just opposite.

Such things will affect the sanctity of Article 371F, such amalgamation with sentiments of Sikkimese people will lead towards no betterment in long run.

“I request 60% of Sikkim’s Young generation to wake up! think seriously for future rather than indulging into petty politics”, Bhutia appeals.


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