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Affected families threaten to stir strong protest with black flag at Pakyong Airport

Pakyong, 11 Nov : More than 350 families of Upper and Lower portion of Pakyong Airport have expressed dismay over delayed release of compensation by the state government regarding damages done to their property with construction of Airport. Aggrieved informed that they have lost everything , the construction of airport is really appreciating but denial of compensation against the huge loss of their property , belongings and houses has yet to be paid by the state government.

Aggrieved informed that when went to state administration placing their plight the state authority took no responsibility rather told them the Airport Authority of India AAI is responsible for their payment, again when they reached AAI they were told State Govt of Sikkim is paid in full for all compensation related matters already. On 2015, running from pillar to posts 350 families whose property are hugely damaged have appealed State High Court but court for fair compensation, aggrieved informed TVOS that on 23 Nov they expect positive outcome from State High Court , if this time case does not give them justice then all the families will land at Airport with Black Flags with intensified protests.
Today, the SKM President Prem Singh Golay met with the aggrieved families, he carried a day long interaction, survey of the affected areas at vicinity of Pakyong Airport. PS Golay speaking to media persons told that gathering all the details there is a big financial scam taken place which is a really disheartening thing. The landowners, families are living pitiful life leaving their dwellings and have settled in rented houses.
The 100th Pakyong Airport of nation which recently was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi with big triumph has now turned other way round which no matter is estimated to give a headache to the state government with hue and cry of 350 families who have lost their property that which in coming time will bring huge uproar. It is also told that before starting project the residents and people needs to be properly compensated as well as resettled, that which did not take place rather the families were left unheard by the authority.
Adding here, the clearance of Eastern flank of Airport runway work has been stopped by the aggrieved families since construction work would further damage their land. Almost 400 meters uphill private property extended till Karthok Village is also largely affected making people frightened since there land is slipping downwards everyday as well big cracks, faults are escalating their dwellings making them sleepless all throughout the nights.
Today the aggrieved families have vested their last hope on SKM President PS Golay that he will help them get justice which is getting delayed every time.


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