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Mockery of RTI : Authority Furnishes 6 Blank DVDs

Mockery of RTI : Authority Furnishes 6 Blank DVDs

Mockery of RTI : Authority Furnishes 6 Blank DVDs

Dentam (West Sikkim), 01 Nov : SKM’s Jan Yoddha team has since past 6 months, been following up an RTI issue which exposes the corruption of the Maneybong – Dentam BDO and APO related to MGNREGA.

After continuously following up the RTI case for Six months, demonstrating infront of the Dentam BDO Office and raising a hue and cry in the social media, compelled the two accused BDO and APO to given the RTI Reply, wherein it was agreed that the said reply would be posted to the applicant.

Today the RTI applicant, a member of SKM’s Jan Yoddha team, received the RTI reply sent by the Dentam BDO. On unpacking contained six dvd’s supposed to contain all the replies in digital format of scanned documents which was asked for in the RTI. However after checking the six dvd’s of 4.7 GB standard volume astonishingly all of them were found to be blank!

Team has alleged that “Corruption here in Sikkim happens on the behest of the elected representatives and thus these corrupt government officials are protected by the ruling party leaders, so they carry little or no fear of the government or the system. It is not a coincidence that blank dvd’s had been sent but this is done intentionally to delay the information to the applicant. And it’s not just that but it also exposes how corrupt, shameless and irresponsible the system has become under Chamling’s SDF rule”.


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