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An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Kritika Sharma

Exclusive Interview With Daughter Of Sikkim Dr. Kritika Sharma (Consecutive Five Term Gold Medalist of RIMS MBBS Imphal)

Note :- Dr. Kritika Sharma is probably a lone MBBS aspirant who have bagged Gold Medals each year for academic perfomance from RIMS in her MBBS studies.

Here we go!

First of all I would like to thank TVOS and every body for their well wishes, it really means a lot.
Not having facebook account made it difficult for me to thank everyone who have gone out of their way to congratulate me.. The messages and calls I m receiving from everyone has been incredibly heart warming and I cannot express how happy and grateful I feel to each and everyone..

An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Kritika Sharma

An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Kritika Sharma

TVOS : Are you still same Kritika like before or have you changed with regard to the profession now you are ?

Dr. Kritika : I have changed somewhat over the years, back then I didn’t know in detail how challenging this medical field was going to be, and how my approach to my career has to be. Of course it is completely different from how we study in schools. Now I m a doctor, I know how each and every step I take has a huge impact in anyone’s life..And what role I m playing to help them(patients) live a healthy life. And I try to always put my best foot forward.
As far as hard work, dedication and commitment to my career is concerned, yes, I have still the same approach, but I have been more hard working than ever before to reach the goals I have set for myself and to be the best version of myself.

TVOS : What are your new challenges?

Dr. Kritika : Some of the new challenges have been to keep myself updated at all times about the new things upcoming in the field of medicine as medicine is an ever growing subject, and to manage time as efficiently as I would like.

TVOS : What do you suggest for Sikkim to come in good book of health sector and avenue?

Dr. Kritika : Regarding this question, I don’t have in-depth idea as I haven’t worked in sikkim as a doctor yet, but according to whatever knowledge I have, having more specialists in different departments and world class infrastructure would be a boon for Sikkimese people, as they can get best of the best treatment in sikkim without the need of going to other states for the same..


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