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“2 months deadline has passed. Where is our Limbu –Tamang seats, HCM ?” – LTVC

“2 months deadline has passed. Where is our Limbu –Tamang seats, CHM ?” - LTVC

“2 months deadline has passed. Where is our Limbu –Tamang seats, HCM ?” – LTVC

Gangtok , 12 Sep : On 7th July, 2018 Chief Minister Mr. P. K. Chamling gave a statement at Kyongsa ground, Geyzing that the LT seats would be provided within one or two months for the coming 2019 Assembly election. As per news report published by the local newspaper, Sikkim Express, dated 7.07.18, “The Limboo-Tamang communities will get tribal seats in coming elections. All is ready down there (Centre). It will take one or two months. The Centre will pass the Limboo-Tamang seats in the cabinet. After this, a Presidential ordinance will be issued or it will be passed in the Parliament. Nobody can stop it as it is a Constitutional right, don’t worry,’ said the Chief Minister. So on 7.09.2018, two months time frame provided by the Chief Minister has run out. And now the LTVC are asking the CM for the promised LTVC seats.

As per the news report published by “The Hindu” on 11.08.2018 and by the local newspaper “Sikkim Express” dated 12.08.2018, it was stated by a Senior Ministry Official that the Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will soon decide on the proposal. If approved, it will be the first expansion of the Assembly since Sikkim merged with India in 1975. It also stated that the Home Ministry has moved the Union Cabinet to increase the number of seats in the Sikkim assembly from 32 to 40. The seats are being increased to accommodate the much deserving Limboo and Tamang communitie, five will be reserved for them.

On 10th August, 2018 LTVC President Yehang Tshong received a letter, RTI Order from Ministry of Home Affairs, NE Division, Government of India vide Order No, 9/6/2018-NE.II, dated 03.08.2018, addressed to Yehang Tshong and Shri S.K. Chitkra, Deputy Secretary & CPIO, Legislative Department, ML&J, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi. The letter stated the latest status of LT seat reservation issue in SLA at Centre. The RTI Order states that ‘The issue of reservation issue of seats for Limboo-Tamang community is “UNDER EXAMINATION” in this Ministry (MHA)’. Conclusion before the LTVC, is that either the said RTI reply of MHA is wrong or the news article is false and paid news statement made by the state government to mislead and fool the innocent people of LT communities.

Now the LTVC questions, “Can CM, State Govt. and SLTAC show us any latest LT seats status report in written documentation form received from Centre to support their claims?” LTVC requests CM, State Govt., and SLTAC not to misguide LT communities’ people by giving fake news. These types of assurances and promises have been given to them for the past 15 years from CM and past 3 years from SLTAC. After returning from each Delhi visit, SLTAC have been giving the statement that LT seat reservation Bill is scheduled to be introduced in this Monsoon and Parliament session but till date nothing has happened as per their overly confident statements.

It is a fairly well known fact, that the issue of Limbu-Tamang political seats reservation in SLA has not been solved by ruling SDF government. That both the State and Central political parties are playing with the sentiments of LT communities of Sikkim. Hence, the need of the hour at present is to send clear strong message to the Centre as well to state government about the situation which has given rise to unrest due to deprivation and delay of seat reservation among the LT communities in Sikkim.

Therefore, LTVC has taken initiative to unite all Political parties and Organisations of Sikkim for LT seat reservation issue in SLA and Protection of 371F. Pertaining to this, LTVC has approached and met all Political parties and Presidents of all organisations and the Executive members.

LTVC will be organizing meeting of all Political parties and Organisations of Sikkim on 16th September, 2018, Time- 10 am at Chokasum Hall (Venue), Nam Nang road.They have placed an earnest request to all Political parties and Presidents of all Organisations and Executive members to support their cause by participating in the foresaid meeting.” We shall highly appreciate your support ” said LTVC president, Yehang Tshong.


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