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CM aspires ‘Save Land’ (Maato Ko Suraksha)

CM aspires 'Save Land' (Maato Ko Suraksha)

CM aspires ‘Save Land’ (Maato Ko Suraksha)

Pakyong , 05 Jun (IPR) : The second phase of the ‘Jan Seva and Jan Samman’ programme of the Chief Minister for the East District started today from 22 Namcheybong Constituency. The programme was held at Saramsa lawns near Ranipool.

The programme began with the welcome address by area MLA Shri B.B. Rai who expressed his gratitude towards the Chief Minister on behalf of the people of the Constituency. He said that the development till date in the area and the State was possible only due to the vision and hard work of Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling. The MLA also put forth various demands for the welfare of the Constituency.

The program also saw the distribution of cheques to twenty-four (24) youths/beneficiaries under the Chief Minister’s Start up Scheme, to carry out various entrepreneurship ventures.

The Chief Minister Shri Pawan Chamling while addressing the gathering stated that the main purpose of the public outreach programme is to interact with the public and to hear the problems and grievances faced by the people of Sikkim and bring about immediate relief at their doorstep.

He also expressed his happiness and gratitude for the support by the public. He took note of the grievances and demands placed forward by the locals and gave his assurances to fulfil and to sanction them at the earliest. He assured to meet all the legitimate demands of the public of the constituency like drinking water schemes, repair works, water supply for left out houses, and tanks. Rain water and roof water harvesting is another alternative that should be worked out, he suggested.

Elaborating further, the Chief Minister stated that adequate drinking water is the biggest challenge of the 21st century, which needs urgent attention. He informed the gathering that the Government has foreseen this and has kept aside one percent from every scheme for Water supply work. He also urged the Panchayats to follow this practice, by taking it on mission mode. He added that human life is dependent on water, and life of water is dependent on trees and forest. He thus urged the people to plant, protect and preserve trees and forest. He also touched upon some of the unique environmental initiatives of the Government. He further apprised the gathering that all new roads would have uniform plantation all along. He urged the students and every member of the society to plant a tree and nurture it.  Trees are the biggest wealth we can leave behind for the coming generations, he stated.

The Chief Minister further stated, “India is hosting this year’s World Environment Day today and the global theme is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. Our Government banned plastic fifteen years back and this year UN is advocating for ‘No Plastic’. Whatever Sikkim thought and did years back, the world is thinking now. This clearly shows that our Government is farsighted. We think 3000 years ahead. Our model is that of sustainable development. People should look at the merit of our Government. Merit and ideas can never be suppressed nor ignored. New York Times and Washington Post have published Sikkim’s news in two consecutive years, which has brought the spotlight on Sikkim and validated its identity as a unique model of Sustainable development vis-a-vis Organic Agriculture and Environmental friendly policy.”

“It is an irony that the people of Sikkim have failed to recognise their own State and the overarching development is has seen in the last two decades. Today Sikkim is an exemplary State and other States are emulating the unique practices of Sikkim. All the other North Eastern States look at Sikkim as a model state,” stated the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister stated that Sikkim is the only State where the basic minimum needs of the people have been fulfilled by the Government. He drew the attention of the audience to the developmental journey the State has gone through in the past twenty-three years.

He urged the people to be self-sufficient and self-reliant through by adopting a progressive mindset.

The Chief Minister expressed strong displeasure at divisive politics being played out in the State and said that the Sikkim of today bears testimony to the peaceful co- existence between different faith and communities in the State, which is an asset that all the people of Sikkim should strive to protect and promote.

Addressing the students in the audience, he urged them to realize the actual value of education and informed them about the implementation of various student and youth-centric schemes and policies like setting up of different specialized colleges in the State, provisions of free education till college level, emphasis on entrepreneurship, and unlimited employment opportunities in every sector.  He called upon the students to be more constructive, creative and innovative in life.

The Chief Minister urged the officers and public representatives to ensure that all need-based demands of the people should be met on priority. He exhorted the bureaucrats and technocrats to work sincerely to implement all the schemes and specifically called upon the engineering fraternity to carry out frequent field visits while preparing estimates.

The Chief Minister granted in-principal sanction to various demands of the constituency such as water supply, jhora, religious places of worship, school building, dispensary, VLW centres, roads, school auditorium, new school, school ground, and tourism infrastructure.

Earlier, the Chief Minister was felicitated by public representatives of Namcheybong Constituency. Similarly, the Chief Minister was also felicitated by Aganwadi, ASHA and ICDS workers, as well as members of Ranipool trade cell, and Namcheybong Organic Mission team.

The Chief Minister made the following announcements during the programme:

1.    Unused Government lands may be given to landless people (sukumbasis) to construct houses. If not available, private houses to be bought by the Government and given as site to the needy. All landless people will be given land within this year.

2.    Lands of Limboo and Tamang communities cannot be sold to other communities. This was decided in the Cabinet meeting held on 4th June, 2018.

3.    Likewise, upto 10 acres land belonging to Central OBC cannot be sold to other communities. and land upto 10 acre belonging to State OBC communities cannot be sold outside these communities.    Lands of Scheduled Tribes would also follow the same protocol.

4.    Private holding up to 3 acres cannot be bought or sold.  This has been made into a law to protect the land and its people. He termed it as ‘Mato ko Suraksha’. Only under dire circumstances can they can be sold, but only with the permission of the Government.

5.    Reservation to BL (20%) in municipality has been passed by the Cabinet.

6.    There has been a change in the reservation pattern a bit. It has been made as was in the past.

7.    Dancer, singer, musician, artists will be given 2% reservation in government jobs.

8.    Sportspersons will be given 5% reservation in Government jobs

9.    Physically challenged persons will have 3% reservation in Government jobs. They fall under three different categories depending on the level of disability. Each category would get 1% reservation each.

10.                       5% reservation for BPL category

11.                       30% reservation for Women

12.                       3% for Ex-Servicemen. Assam Rifles and BSF also included in ex-servicemen category and will enjoy the reservation from henceforth

13.                       Any industry or commercial establishment in Sikkim should employ 90% locals. This has to be strictly complied with.

14.                       Any business in the village should go to the locals

15.                       Tender up to Rupees two (2) crores would be done at the level of the Panchayat and local people should benefit

16.                       Sikkim Subject or COI should be the only criteria to avail trade licences at the village level. All BDOs to issue trade licences based on this document, and NOC can be submitted at a later date.

17.                       The Government will organize a mega start-up mela/fair on 17th July, 2018 in the State capital

18.                       Women having Sikkim Subject married to a non-COI holder will still get the ancestral property/land

19.                       A Subject/COI holder working under MR arrangement and gets married to outsider (Non-COI holder) will still be entitled for service regularisation

20.                       Government will provide 35% subsidy under the CM’s Start-up Scheme.

In his concluding remarks, Chief Minister Shri Chamling stated that his Government is an epitome of inclusiveness with social security and protection for all. He called upon the youth to align themselves for an independent thinking driven society and wisdom world. He added that the Government has been investing a lot in education, but the results are not as expected. He urged the concerned officers and educationists to fill the required gap.

“We Sikkimese are a handful and should be united under any circumstances, and work towards maintaining the peace tranquillity and sanctity of our State,” he added.

“In twenty-four years, the State Government has provided peace and security, dignity, respect and freedom to the Sikkimese people in the true sense. Everybody yearns for change. But we need to change for the better. Human development, sustainable development is our new agenda for coming days. We want to give happiness to each person,” he stated.

The day’s programme concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Former Panchayat Namcheybong Smt Bishnu Maya Katel.

The public event had the presence of Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, Chairpersons, Panchayat Level Functionaries, HODs, Officials of the State Government, students and people from the constituency.

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