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“For the survival, What to eat ?, what not to eat ?”, let citizen decide not govt: SPCC

Ajay Agarwal

" For the survival, What to eat ?, what not to eat ?", let citizen decide not govt: SPCC

” For the survival, What to eat ?, what not to eat ?”, let citizen decide not govt: SPCC

Gangtok, 18 April : The Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee SPCC President Bharat Basnett and supporters staged a unique protest at Lall Bazar Kanchenjunga Shopping Complex rooftop themselves tied with chains on hand, covering their mouth with black protest scarf and holding a handheld protest slogans banners.
The SPCC President lambasted the Sikkim Democratic Front SDF Government for overruling constitutional rights of citizens in the state of Sikkim as if CM Pawan Chamling rules are superior over the constitution he who can do whatever he wants to do, Basnett tells referring to the ban on inorganic vegetables and fruits banned imposed past 18 days w.e.f 01 April 2018.
SPCC President strongly condemned the totalitarian attitude of Chamling led SDF government to curtail rights of the citizens by imposing a restriction on selecting of vegetables and fruits as per the government choice. The extent of imposing such illogical rule is not lesser than turning into monopoly rule.
Our party SPCC is not against the farmers, we are not against the Organic mission which indeed is very good, we neither are against the seller but the gravity of matter is government must leave options to the citizens instead of making mandatory on food habit. There should be made a clear distinction without breaching the rights of the citizen in democracy instead of suppressing their fundamental rights, and right to live is totally suppressed when the right to eat the choice of food is forcible snatched from citizen’s food plate.
The world would definitely not appreciate this illogical rules rather would criticise blatantly and blindly running governance of Sikkim.
Citizens must be given an option to choose whether to eat organic or go for inorganic, let the citizen decide, why not make vegetables and fruit stalls separately in the markets? If one wishes to have organic he or she can do so else will go for inorganic whichever is feasible and financially affordable for them to make a purchase.

To give a continuity to the protest the SPCC President Bharat Basnett told media that tomorrow they would stage a silent attendance at statue of Father of Nation in MG Marg, Gangtok.

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